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Academy of Art University Offers Online Education During the Pandemic 

The COVID-19 pandemic has been nothing short of a nightmare for education. Art students around the country have had difficulty finding opportunities to pursue their craft when so many schools aren’t able to hold classes in-person. That’s why Academy of Art University has taken several steps to ensure distance learning provides the same experience that allows students to thrive under normal circumstances. 

While Academy of Art University already had systems in place to allow for online learning, they’ve expanded their offerings to art students with a whole host of new features to ensure distance learning is just as effective as sitting in a classroom. You don’t have to wait out the pandemic to achieve your dreams in a creative field. Academy of Art University is ensuring that you can continue to develop your skill set right now. 

What Can I Learn at Academy of Art University?

Academy of Art University offers 75 areas of study for aspiring artists to hone their craft. There are opportunities to earn degrees in everything from Graphic Design to Game Development.  There are also courses for Advertising, and Architecture for those looking to explore a career in the creative side of business.  

There are even opportunities for students that want to learn more about film and television production. This includes acclaimed courses in Acting, Motion Pictures & Television, Writing for Film, Television & Digital Media, and even Communications & Media Technologies.  Academy of Art University affords many possibilities for students looking to explore a career in a wide variety of creative fields. 

Online Education Webinars

Academy of Art University is taking full advantage of online learning now. With their educational webinars, people are invited to try the digital side of art and design education. These webinars discuss the value of online classes and show people how online and design education works: taking video lectures, getting feedback from instructors, and participating in class discussions. Webinars also show attendees demos of online classes, so they can understand the full scope of what online classes have to offer. 

Academy of Art University was able to accommodate their students during the pandemic by pivoting their classes to an online platform. The academy had an advantage during this difficult time, as they had already offered a number of virtual learning tools and curriculums. And while it’s difficult to give up in-person instruction (especially for those who prefer to be in the classroom), there are also many advantages to learning online. The further we get into the pandemic, the more people are beginning to discover these perks.

Rising Artists Information Sessions 

This exclusive event is for high school seniors who are getting ready to choose a college for freshman year. These information sessions go over free pre-college classes” that the school already offers as part of its Pre-College Art Experience (PCAE), how to leverage scholarship options to begin your journey, and answer questions you may have about next steps. 

PCAE is tuition-free, and a full design education program for high school students. It’s given to students that want to jump-start their education and can be taken all year. There’s even a chance to earn a scholarship for taking these courses. For every class you pass, you’ll receive $1,000 toward undergraduate studies at Academy of Art University (maximum of $4,000).

Webinars cover a breadth of topics depending on the student’s chosen course of study. 

Online Open Houses 

Academy of Art University is hosting virtual open houses as a way to welcome potential students. Their Online Open Houses will give you an overview of Academy of Art University, whether you’re going for graduate or undergraduate school. These information sessions are available to students of all ages, whether they’re just graduating or looking for a career change.

Academy of Art University offered a number of options to students prior to the pandemic, including virtual on-site classes, online courses, and on-campus learning. They also have a variety of scholarships available, and students can learn more about how to qualify for financial aid. 

Attending an open house is a great way to familiarize yourself with the values of the school and to understand more about how they’re coping with new challenges. You can also ask questions about future programs or trends in your industry.

What Is Academy of Art University All About?

Academy of Art University was founded in 1929, and it’s one of the largest private, accredited art and design schools in the US. Based in San Francisco, Academy of Art University takes full advantage of the city’s diverse culture and ample resources. San Francisco has become synonymous with technological advances and innovation, and Academy of Art University has been able to incorporate and integrate these tools to help their students get more from every class. 

You’ll find more than 135 degree programs at Academy of Art University that criss-cross 40 different categories of study. This includes everything from game development to music to photography. Students that are planning on going into creative agencies might choose an advertising program while those hoping to design handbags might opt for fashion design. 

Academy of Art University is more than just artistic expression though. It also has an athletic program that is nationally ranked in NCAA Division II. This school encourages students to discover their strengths and to fully develop them. 

The Importance of Giving Back  

Helping people during the pandemic is good on every side of the equation. Academy of Art University gets more exposure to communities all over the world, and students get a chance to explore different sides of themselves. The acclaimed faculty can share their skills and spark discussions with students.

Academy of Art University has made it a mission to always look out for its students and the wider community. Leaders and staff know how important arts can be for everything from creative expression to career advancement. They want everyone to continue learning, regardless of age or background. 

How Art Combats Isolation 

All of the isolation brought on by COVID has brought about or exasperated a variety of mental health issues, and we’ll continue to feel those consequences long after a vaccine comes out. Taking classes gives people a creative release and can help them find new passions in life. 

Whether you’re drawing a car or Photoshopping a landscape, art is a way to watch a project come together. When you’re focused on getting the curvature of the line just right, you’re not focused on the 24/7 news cycle. As you go through the steps, you can take pleasure as you move from one phase to the next. 

Building a Community

The benefit of online classes is the ability to meet people and grow relationships. There’s a whole community of people out there who are willing to share their insights with people of every skill set. From beginners looking to draw a simple still-life to would-be set designers who need to learn how to sculpt the human head, the possibilities are endless. 

When you’re with your fellow students, you can offer advice about which supplies to get and how to perfect a certain technique. You can form groups on your own and continue relationships long after the course has ended. Online learning can also teach you more about self-discipline, as it prompts you to learn on your own. 

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