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NEW MUSIC: Edens Back follows smash single “IT DON’T MEAN JACK” with new song “DON’T LEAVE”

Australian born Edens back has been livining in the UK since 2016. After storming onto the scene with her fiery single ‘It Don’t Mean Jack’, Edens Back unveils a vulnerable side with her release “Don’t Leave” detailing the breakdown of a relationship.

’Don’t Leave’ is my interpretation of an “oh f@%k” moment I had one night,” said Edens Back “I realised that my relationship with this guy was coming to an end. I went through every possible scenario in my head to think of ways I could save it, but it was no use. I felt completely helpless, like I was standing outside of my apartment looking in, a stranger watching this disaster we created. It was going to play out exactly the way I didn’t want it to.”


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