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NEW MUSIC: Finland’s Mercury Circle release dark metal holiday song “OUR FUNERAL (Like Xmas)”

Following their critically acclaimed debut EP The Dawn Of Vitriol (released in August), MERCURY CIRCLE give us “Our Funeral (Like Xmas)” a song exclusively featured on Noble Demonic Metal – Chapter 1, a new label sampler by rising meta record label Noble Demon.

Named as “a band you need to watch out for in 2021”, by Metal Hammer UK, Mercury Circle features members of Swallow The Sun and Children Of Bodom.

“Although I’m not a fan of Xmas songs,” said songwriter aani Peuhu, “I found myself with the perfect opportunity to write one in the midst of everything going on in the world today. In parts, 2020 felt almost apocalyptic. Sadly, Christmas is the busiest day of the year for police, ambulances, and paramedics in Finland and I’m afraid that this year might break all the records of domestic violence and suicide cases because of the pandemic. But since 2020 has already turned so much on its head, there’s hope this year’s outlook on the holidays could prove me positively wrong. Compared to the heavy and dark sound of the upcoming debut album, “Our Funeral (Like Xmas)” is the most uplifting song we have ever created. We wanted to take a groovier and happier approach to the music while the lyrics stayed on the gloomier side. We hope you enjoy it!

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