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Since February 2020 most of world has had to stay home and socially distance. Restaurants, bars and other businesses are either closed or restricted in the number of people they can serve. Movies and concerts are canceled and travel is also not advised.

What to do in these trying times?

Many people have taken advantage of being home by learning through online classes. Others have sharpened their cooking and baking skills. Some have been learning new crafts, like knitting, and painting.

Gaming is on the rise

Online gaming has grown tremendously in the past few months whether it’s playing online chess, or games like Minecraft, Fortnite, or League of Legends.

The fastest-growing gaming entertainment are casino online games. This gaming industry offers a relaxing break from the tedium of having to stay home and as a bonus, the gambling sites offer a chance to make some unexpected money.

Yoga and exercise

There are many online yoga sites that will lead you through daily classes. Most yoga sites will have classes broken down into time intervals from 10 minute short classes to an hour or longer. They will also have categories for beginners, intermediate and advanced yoga.

Like yoga, you can find excellent sites for daily or weekly online exercise. You don’t have to go to a gym to work up a sweat and burn calories. It’s easy to follow an online instructor on YouTube using your smart TV or your computer. Like the yoga classes, you can find online exercise routines that are short or long and classes designed for beginners or power athletes. Most of the sites will also offer nutritional advice as well.

Learn to play music

Online classes offer people a chance to learn things they always wanted to learn. One of the most popular categories for developing a new skill is online music classes. These classes can unlock the key to any instrument, guitar, piano, violin and more. Many of them are free, too. There is no longer the need to travel to esteemed music schools in Boston, New York or Los Angeles. Many of the most well respected music schools offer their courses online.

Learn to play chess

There has been a boom in people interested in chess after the tremendous success of the film The Queen’s Gambit. However, it can be challenging to learn to play the game and equally challenging to find someone to play with. There are several online chess websites like SparkChess that can help you learn and find players.


Do not let yourself sink into boredom or depression. Go online and find an activity that will lift your spirits.

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