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Dear Auntie


                                    By D.Scott


Dear Auntie: This year has been horrible for a lot of us. Your posts, podcasts, videos and this article kept me going. It’s like you were saying and writing things for me personally. Even the offensive s—-. I admire the fact that you’re keeping everyone laughing but I noticed your posts are different. There is a different energy. I’m still following anyways. Is there something that happened that you didn’t share? What are some things you are going to change in the New Year? I know I’m going to change the way I view myself. I couldn’t stand myself this year. I’m going to make a better me in 2021.

Tasia from Atlanta


Dear Tasia: Y’all notice everything and get bolder and bolder each week. I’m thankful. This year was more of an eye opening period of time. I don’t really have anybody I need to cut off or unplug from. It’s already done. I think people wait for the New Year to do things that should have been done months ago. I am guilty of this. My shows, articles, websites and this column brought me peace and reach. I’m able to reach more of you in the way that I need and you need. I’m glad you receive that.

You are correct in saying my energy shifted. Doing the work I do began to take a toll on me. I launched another website for spiritual purposes. I acquired another building. There is no more UNC. The latter was the most difficult decision. We were partners. My business was all me and only me. That’s not what I manifested. My manifestation was cut and dry. That’s what I got, a man that cut me and left me dry. Not financially but in other ways. My son was feeling the effects of lack of social interaction. My family sustained another loss of an elder. 2 of my trucks were totaled within 4 months. Both of them parked. Yet after all of this I was still abundant. I’m so thankful for that and you reading this and those listening. When I don’t post a show on iTunes that’s usually the indicator I need rest. My wish was granted.

That is amazing that you accept your part in your demise for the year. Focus on what you will do as opposed to what you won’t do. Gratitude is everything.  I accept my part in my demise too. I was very naïve in thinking that I could or should do it all. There was an allowance of people to have certain access to me. For no reason. They didn’t help me they hindered me.  That stopped. In 2021 I will hire people. My businesses will go to a marketing firm. 2020 was about being able to sustain. Now I wish to see the fruits of my labor. No more playing small. 2021 will be about execution. Double entendre fully intended. Thank you all for a magical year.


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