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5 ways to get creatively inspired while stuck at home

Creativity is a complex thing. It’s not the same as getting up and going for a run in the morning, you can’t always control it, sometimes it needs something extra to get going.

For lots of people, this problem has been made worse by lockdowns, as many folks find themselves stuck indoors, unable to get as much inspiration from the outside world. Don’t get too down about it, though. There are lots of ways that you can get your creative juices flowing again, even while you are stuck indoors.

Listen to some music

From the best painters to the greatest writers, music has been a go-to tool for creatives for centuries. In the age of streaming, it’s even quicker and easier to boot up some great tunes to get you inspired to start creating. 

Need some help finding great music? Why not read up on the latest releases and cast your eye over some album reviews? There’s lots of incredible music out there, so we hope you can find something to get you energized. 


Some people hate exercise, and some people love it, but whatever your opinion, you can’t argue that it’s not good for you. But it’s not just your physical health that can benefit from exercise, although it’s obviously great for that. You can also help your mental health, potentially reduce stress and feel calmer. 

Most importantly, even mild exercise such as going for a walk or jog can is likely to take your mind off work, and while it might not be the best idea to run a mile away from your desk if a deadline is looming, it can help you clear your head to make room for some new ideas. I’ll bet that while you shower off after a long lunchtime run, a great new idea for your current work pops into your head!

Listen to a podcast

Great tunes aren’t the only thing that you can stick in your ears to get inspired. Podcasts are one of the most popular ways to hear about new ideas, from people from a variety of backgrounds. From artists to business people, there are lots of great podcasters sharing new ideas every day.

Have a quick check of the news

The keyword here is ‘quickly’, because too much time spent reading the news can actually cause a lot of anxiety. However, keeping up with what’s around you can help you get ideas for your work, too. For example, if you are creating a story of some sort, this can often be enriched by things happening in the world. Work that reflects the events happening in people’s live often lets it resonate more with them.

It is often worth checking out independent platforms such as No Majesty or VICE to read stories that you may not see in some other more mainstream publications. This can allow you to see a different angle of a familiar story and create something original in response. 

Spend time on something else

It’s easy to get bogged down in one thing, and if you have a creative block, sometimes the best thing to do is actually remove yourself, and do something completely unrelated.

This can be anything, really, as long as it takes your mind off the task at hand. For example, you might want to take yourself away and spend some time with a sketch pad, or perhaps something old school like a word search or sudoku? Whatever you choose, hopefully clearing your mind of your tasks for a moment can help you get re-inspired.

Take up a new hobby

Taking up new hobbies has become extremely popular during the lockdown, with folks starting everything  from bread baking to knitting. And why not? It’s fun to learn new things, and when you’re stuck indoors it can sometimes be difficult to find ways to pass the time so new tasks can be stimulating.

In addition, when it comes to creative tasks, taking on something new can be just the inspiration you need to get re-fuelled for your work. So try taking some time away from your desk and starting a project that’s completely different. Maybe it’s finally time to cultivate that kitchen counter herb garden that someone bought you last Christmas? Or maybe you’d like to really enjoy the fruits of your labor by trying out beer or wine making kits? Whatever you choose, we hope you discover a new talent!

In conclusion

Creative work is difficult in a very unique way. Whereas some jobs are time consuming, creatives can often get stuck in a rut over which path to choose, or format to display their new ideas. Hopefully, by trying some of the things mentioned above, you’ll be able to pull yourself out of a creative funk not long after you fall in!


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