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UK’s Biggest Casino Affiliate Top List

An affiliate program is one of the best ways to earn from referring customers to different sites. Since online casinos are a huge market, their affiliate programs are even better. Joining a well-established affiliate website is the best way to maximize your earnings by assuring quality. The following are some of the best programs you can join and how you will earn from them.

What Is an Online Casino Affiliate?

Casinos are always looking to drive more traffic to their sites, and they are willing to pay well for this. An online casino affiliate’s job is to market these websites and get people to sign up and play. If you have a platform that receives many logins, you could benefit highly from joining a good program. 

How much can you earn from being an affiliate?

Being an affiliate is an excellent way to make money if you have the right search keywords to drive traffic to casinos. If you are a medium-sized affiliate, you can earn up to £20,000 in a month. However, this largely depends on how well you market the sites.

Some affiliates make more than that, commonly known as super affiliate earners—these rake up to £100,000 per month, one example is Zamsino. How much you earn doesn’t only depend on how big your website is and the number of deposits your referrals make.

Affiliate Revenue Models

There are different ways that you can make money from being an affiliate, depending on what you need. The following three models are the commission plans that determine how you earn. 

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)

If you are starting and your budget is a bit tight, this could be the best model. It guarantees you a standard commission for each player you refer that makes a deposit. It is an excellent way to ensure that you get some good money even when the player doesn’t make a large deposit. A downside is if you get many high rollers, you will be losing money since you get the flat rate.

Rev Share/Revenue Share

This is an excellent option if you want to make the most of each referral that signs up and deposits on the online casino. You will continue to get a commission as long as the players you referred continue depositing and playing. The revenue share ranges from 25% to 40%, depending on the agreement you have and how many players you get to sign up.


This is a deal that combines both CPA and Rev-Share. You will get a small commission once the player signs up and deposits plus a continuing profit as long as they continue playing. While it ensures that you have a steady income flow, the rates are significantly lower than if you chose an individual model.

What Are the Best UK Casino Affiliate Programs?

Joining an affiliate program is the best way to ensure that you have the highest earnings possible since you will promote a wide range of casinos. The following are some of the biggest affiliates in the UK.

Mr. Green

It is a well-established affiliate program for promoting the Mr. Green brand of casinos. They allow you to use any way of marketing, from ads to content marketing and direct links. They give a standard rate of 25% for each new depositing customer. This amount goes up to 45% if you sign up more than 30 clients a month. They have different ways to withdraw earnings, which are made monthly.

GiG Affiliates

Gig Affiliats have been a long for a long time and they continue to grow. In Q1 2021 they are partnering up with the Irish SLOTBOX to release a brand-new online casino. They are open for CPA deals, rev share & hybrid deals.

Rewards Affiliates

It is one of the most reliable and honest programs online that guarantees you excellent earnings upon referring. It’s associated with different brands from Grand Hotel Casino, UK Casino Club, and Golden Tiger Casino. The revenue share is between 25% and 35% plus a 10% commission and personal bonuses.

888 Affiliate

You get a wide range of brands from which to choose, depending on what suits your website best. The great thing about it is that they also give you the necessary marketing resources to get started. How much revenue you earn depends on the brand you choose, but it ranges between 20% and 40%. 

Casumo Affiliate

According to Erik King, casino expert, the Casumo affiliate program is the safest program you can join. They also provide resources to ensure you understand what is expected and succeed even if you are entry-level. The rev share for this is between 25% and 45% with one of the best tracking systems, so you will never lose money.

Kindred Affiliate

You get full access to their brand, Unibet, licensed to operate in various states in the USA. They accept affiliates from both the UK and the USA, and it is well known for betting, casino, and poker games. You get a commission of 25% to 35% plus a 5% sub-affiliate commission.

This ensures that you can access the best resources to help you earn from your referrals. With the opportunity of growth, you can earn more by getting more customers to sign up. Make sure that you read the terms of joining and understand them before signing up.

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