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Sponsorship on YouTube. How does it work?

YouTube sponsorship feature is an integrated feature that helps earn from your content, with your audience’s help.


Both big and small businesses alike are gaining awareness about the effectiveness of influencer marketing and YouTube sponsorship. With this method, they gain credibility from their potential clients; this has long-lasting effects on their brand image, visibility, and credibility. Before turning to YouTube sponsorship you will first need to build a profitable business.

Discovering what exactly YouTube sponsors want is a crucial step to take before venturing into the influencer marketing hub wholly.

The points to note under this are:

  1. STRONG FOLLOWERSHIP: This is what attracts businesses to your YouTube page because no matter how good your content is, if no one is following you, then businesses won’t want to work with you. You have to set a target view and followers on your channel. To reach that goal, strategize your work that needs to be done on a regular basis. Or the easiest way would be to find out the best places to buy YouTube views and likes to grow your channel quickly. You need to set up your page to receive likes, real followers, not bots, as that can get your brand or page banned quickly.

Then you need to engage your followers to build an even rabid fan base. Here’s an easy way of creating engaging content that will resonate with your fan base.

  1. A STRONG AND OUTSTANDING BRAND PERSONA: This is probably the most crucial feature that sponsors look out for when they receive sponsorship requests from brands. These sponsors want to be sure the brand they are to invest in is in sync with their ideologies and values. The brand to be sponsored must be compatible with their sponsors in branding also. This means that both the ideas of both business and the brand presentation should not be at loggerheads.

Their business activities should be not only similar but also compatible.

So, the brand in question must make findings on the nature of their own business first.

They should obtain vital information regarding their audience, age bracket, interest, occupation, spending habits, substitute brands, and other pertinent information. When this has been done, they may then move to the sponsor-to-be and compare both brands’ audiences’ similarities. Are they compatible? If the answer to this question is positive, then they may proceed to the next consideration.

  1. A SIMILAR AND COMPATIBLE TARGET AUDIENCE: The audience’s similarity is a feature that most sponsors look out for. They want to know that your content is not something different from what their audience is used to. Ensure you find out all you can about your audience. Then, compare this to that of your sponsor. Are they similar? If the answer to this question is not yes, you are considering the wrong business for sponsorship.
  2. TOP-NOTCH CONTENT: Because no business wants to associate with mediocre brands, sponsors check for quality content. Audit your content, if need be, before trying to get sponsors. Ensure that your page has the same standard of quality as the sponsor’s brand, and even if you are not at par with them, you should be close at least.


Some popular sponsorship types you may want to consider are:

  • PRODUCT SPONSORSHIP: This kind of sponsorship is most suitable for review channels. Some examples of review channels are Tech YouTubers, Gaming, etc. The most important thing, however, is to ensure that your product and business goals are similar. This factor has been discussed earlier.
  • AFFILIATE SPONSORSHIP: This type of sponsorship has a lot of gains attached to it. This is the use of affiliate links and codes to give viewers discounts. Affiliate sponsorship is as easy as giving out a code for a site offering a discount to customers. The partner generates more revenue as more viewers take up the discounted offers. This translates to more rewards for you. This type of sponsorship is probably the easiest.
  • PAID SPONSORSHIP: This is the most advanced type of sponsorship. Here, actual payment is made by the sponsor to secure a spot with the brand for the marketing of their products. This is also a prevalent form of sponsorship and usually comes at the beginning or end of the brand’s video. The viewers now have the option to either click on the offer or skip altogether. The challenge here is that paid sponsorship may not be suitable for small businesses as it may be way beyond their budget but, they can start from the less pricey ones, and as they grow, they can then upgrade to paid sponsorship.


  • BE DEDICATED TO BRAND GROWTH: Grow your brand. The importance of this in sponsorship cannot be overemphasized. Be committed to the development of your business. If at all, the brand’s goals must be clearly defined and some bearing secured before there can be a valid need for sponsorship. Search inwards first. What are the areas your page or brand is lagging? Then put in the work.
  • TAKE THE INITIATIVE TO REACH OUT TO POTENTIAL SPONSORS: You may have to take the initiative to reach out to the brand you want their sponsorship. This works so well with product reviews. The goal is to build your business portfolio so that while you are reaching out to the sponsor, there is something tangible you are offering. It is upon this that the potential sponsor will determine whether you have something to offer or not.
  • BUILD A SUCCESSFUL BRAND: Success attracts. Thus, most successful brands get a lot of sponsorship requests from successful businesses. It would help if you focused more on building quality content. When this is done, traffic will increase on your site, thus drawing attention to your site.


You can earn a lot of money from YouTube by taking the following simple steps:

  • AFFILIATE SPONSORSHIP: If you own a product review channel or page, this is an easy way to make money. Get into the Amazon Affiliate program and include your affiliate links under your review video. However, this does not automatically translate to earnings for you. You get paid a commission, usually a percentage of the price, when your followers make purchases on the site.
  • DIVERSIFYING INTO PRODUCT SALES: With increasing popularity, most Youtubers eventually expand to include sales/merchandise. This could involve any product at all. This is a significant source of income for most popular influencers on YouTube. However, a wise thing to do while implementing this expansion is ensuring that the products relate to the brand and your channel in some way, remotely or apparently. If effectively carried out, sales may result in big endorsements and collaboration, thereby doubling or even tripling the YouTuber’s income.

According to Google, 90% of users discovered products and brands that they eventually bought from through YouTube, so you need to grab a slice of the pie and get your product out there.

  • INCREASE TRAFFIC: Provide quality and engaging content to your audience and watch the traffic on your site soar. These contents, old, refurbished videos or newly made ones, should be posted regularly. The goal is to capture and retain the attention of your audience. You should provide more information in the video description, and this should include a paragraph redirecting your audience to the website, an offer, or any other attractive feature.
  • DONATIONS/PATRONAGE: This may seem like an option only a few YouTubers will take, but, on the contrary, this is one of the popular methods of generating revenue on YouTube. Most viewers are okay with making donations to their favourite YouTuber or YouTube channel out of their free will. In addition to this, crowdfunding campaigns are often employed by some YouTube influencers to garner support from their fans/viewers. They include the support link or whatever mode of payment they want to use in the video description.
  • YOUTUBE ADS: Another way bloggers make money is through AdSense and Advertisement. The ad’s creator earns 55% of the money made from the advertisement, whereas YouTube takes 45%, i.e., the remaining revenue. However, the amount of income you earn from each ad will decrease if you sign production contracts with multiple networks. Traffic is significant here since; the more views your video gets, the more you earn. You earn only from monetized opinions received by the video.

You can combine two or more of the above methods to earn even more. There is no limit to how much you can earn on YouTube as the top ten stars on YouTube grossed $201m in earnings from YouTube. One of them being an 8-year old boy who has 18.2 million subscribers and who earns more than $11 million a year.

YouTubers charge brands from $10 to $50 for every 1,000 views depending on the estimated number of views the video is expected to garner.

There is a lot of money to be made from YouTube sponsorship. Put in the necessary work required to land huge sponsorships and watch your finances take another shape!

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