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NEW MUSIC: K-Pop band CRAVITY release music video “MY TURN”

K-Pop boy band, CRAVITY release of their 3rd album, SEASON3. [HIDEOUT: BE OUR VOICE]. The title track “My Turn” is a song that demonstrates the rise of K-Pop. CRAVITY’s debut album SEASON1. [HIDEOUT: REMEMBER WHO WE ARE] caused a wave of intrigue and excitement here in the states, with mentions in PAPER MagazineAccessiHeartJ-14MTV NewsEarmilkTeen Vogueand Rolling Stone who referred to their title track as “An anthemic track from the K-pop rookies that combines 808-style riffs with the melodic sensibilities of early-2000s boybands (extended dance break included).” In addition to that, CRAVITY made a splash on social media, debuting at No. 12 on Billboard’s Social 50 chart for the week dated April 25.

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