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NEW MUSIC: Brooklyn trio Animal Years releases “WHAT I’M FIGHTING FOR’

With the release of the new single, “What I’m Fighting For,” pop-rock-folk trio, Animal Years, announces their upcoming album, This Is An Album Called Animal Years. The full album drops on June 18th, with This is Part One Of An Album Called Animal Years releasing on February 26th, and This Is Part Two… following on May 21st. Part One… features “What I’m Fighting For,” as well as the previously released single, “Talkin’ To You,” and three additional tracks that have become fan favorites on the road. Listen to “What I’m Fighting For” and “Talkin’ To You.”

The new material is the follow-up to 2017’s critically acclaimed EP, Far From Home, which featured the singles “Friends” and “Caroline.” On the heels of that release, the band spent the next 18 months on the road, including a stint opening for Blues Traveler before hunkering down to record in the Nashville studio of GRAMMY-nominated producer Paul Moak.

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