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Dear Auntie Answers Readers Questions on Love and Relationships

Dear Auntie


By D.Scott


Dear Auntie: Recently I moved out of state. I left a situationship to heal and get and do better for my kids. Lately I’ve been feeling like I miss him. How do I pick up my life and heart now that I let him go? This hurts. Do I just focus on my kids and my goals? I really gave that man all of my time. I’m trying to embrace my new start but I keep feeling some type of way. I hate that I keep feeling this way. Please help. I’m trying to move forward.




Dear YOU KNOW WHO: I am very aware who this is and I’m glad you’re well. You and I have had many conversations about this fool. You know the situation he was in. You know he was lying to the Lordt (yes Lordt) and other people. He was a hypocrite. He was grimey and involved you in that filth. He was also older than you and looked at you as a trophy and young tender Roni. For a long time I watched you benefit from this relationship and be happy. As it progressed it appeared HE was getting the better deal. All while you remained compliant. I watched you go from being a beautiful confident hard worker to a very emotional young lady with children. This was no good. He played a lot of games. He’s too old for that behavior. You could have ruined his whole life. You didn’t. That’s admirable.

Going forward you are doing amazing sweetie. Warm weather is always good for the soul. I would not allow him to contact me. He would be blocked. Blocking people protects your peace. You don’t have to worry about a random “I miss you” text. You are far enough away to stay away. Do not allow him to visit. Where you are located is full of viable SINGLE men. They would love to meet you. You have always been a hard worker and present mother. Focus on that. Those feelings you have are called healing. You no longer crave his presence and actually left the state. People become tethered to one another. There is residual longing and flashbacks of the intimate kind. You are doing a good job remembering how and when he had you ALL the way messed up. This is all a part of healing. It looks good on you. When you need to schedule one of my “raging reiki” classes it will be on me. Love you babes.

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