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Dear Auntie Answers Questions on Love and Relationships

Dear Auntie


By D. Scott


Dear Auntie: The other day I saw your comments on [redacted] page. You are a bitch. You are the reason good men like me didn’t get married. You and these gold diggers mixed with your combative nature are never going to marry. No man wants a woman that talks all the time. Especially not the way you do. The whole day you had something to say. You just wouldn’t shut up. I bet your ratchet Black fat mother taught you that. You women need to learn to submit to a man and be quiet. Nobody cares about your opinion. Nobody cares about your thoughts. This is a mans world. The sooner you realize that the sooner someone will love you. But you’re a feminist and probably will never marry because of that. Good luck with that.



Dear Unknown: Yet here you are. There were so many of you on that man’s page being feminine, it’s hard to tell which one you are. You woke up today and chose verbal assault. Please keep in mind what you saw that day was me being nice. Today you will not be afforded that luxury. I understand now that you men behave like women because you don’t have one. The divine feminine was never instilled in your life by your mother. Hence why you actually hate women. You mostly hate women with the same hue of skin as you. So let’s state some facts: My mother identified as Black but was in fact NOT black. Latin roots and regal ones to be exact. My mother was less than 5 feet tall and weighed 90 pounds until the birth of my sibling in her 40’s. My mother taught me what marriage looks like. My mother taught me a lot of things. One thing I cherish from her is the way she gathered folks and snatched their hairlines back a bit.

I don’t have to shut up. You nor your fake Christian, YouTube wanna be, male titty out fake personal trainer cohorts can silence me. I don’t respect you because I don’t know you. This means I don’t care what you say. You feminine men called yourself attacking a Rottweiler. You tried it. You got your feelings hurt because you never learned to deal with your emotions because of a trauma. You also are probably recently divorced and mad a woman was a “gold digger” yet you don’t have any gold. Women like me represent women you will never have. You guys spoke a lot about humbling women and taming a beast. I told you then to look at your verbiage. You hate and want to harm women. You need to seek therapy for that.

Women like me are always loved. In fact I don’t have any exes. You know why? They never really leave. I have to leave. I was also already married. Scott is my maiden name… fool. My ex husband is on his third divorce. So your assumption was wrong. There are also still proposals coming in. I haven’t decided which recycled one to accept. I am loved because I give love. You likely were never loved by anybody because you want control more than love.

Men like you are not good men. You got hurt in junior high school and now all women are the same. You never matured and you never got help. You are stuck. As for me being a feminist, that’s not accurate. I am a realist. Men like you try to belittle women to bring them to your level of nothingness. You probably steal out of women’s purses too. Men of your thought process are the real enemy. You want so bad to BE a woman like me that you actually hate me. Yet your leader is a man twice divorced, a baby daddy and rumors of his sexuality are surfacing in Atlanta. You men hide behind him as a messenger because you lack his cactus verbal approach. You lack the scrotum to do what he does. Men like you are actually cowards and woman beaters. Men like my brothers and uncles don’t converse with men like you.

You never married because nobody wanted you long term. You failed to commit. I will remarry as many times as I please because I have choices. In reality your mother was probably a lot like me. That’s why what strong women do bothers you. If you were standing in your divine masculine you wouldn’t see me as an enemy. When it all goes bad a beta male (you) and a beta female will destroy the population with its subpar offspring. I deal with nothing but Alphas. Biologically you usually never see an Alpha in a pack nor mating with another Alpha. It’s rare. I’m very blessed that my vibe attracts my tribe. You will continue to hate women and end up with one that hates you back. I have decreed it and it is so. Not all men are kings or Gods. There has to be someone to entertain us. Thank you for your clarification. You are a clown with no makeup. What do we do with clowns? We laugh at them.

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