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NEW MUSIC: Rostam tackles global warming with ‘THESE KIDS WE KNEW”

Rotam was a founding member of the band Vampire Weekend, whose first three albums he produced. He has been described as one of the greatest pop and indie-rock producers of his generation.

“The song was written in a fever-dream state during the second week of March last year while I was recovering from Covid-19,” Rostam said. “There’s a generation of adults who don’t see global warming as their problem because they think they won’t be impacted by it. Then there’s a generation younger than mine, who will certainly have to deal with what is happening.”

“In the song, I have a fantasy of the younger generation arresting the adults and putting them on trial in the streets of cities around the world,” he continued. “Those are the ‘sidewalk courts’ that I sing about in the song.”

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