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6 Reasons Why Flying With a Private Jet Is Better Than Commercial Flights

When preparing to travel by air, there is always a battle of choice for flight services. However, most commercial airlines are more concerned about increasing their gains and in the process, ruin their service delivery, which causes a deteriorating experience for passengers.

Whether you are planning a business trip or you’re traveling for pleasure, opting for a private jet instead of a commercial flight not only allows you more time at your disposal. It is safer, your privacy is enhanced and airport procedures are speedy and hassle-free.

Keep reading to discover the significant advantages you can enjoy flying a private jet instead of commercial planes:


In this modern and frenzy world, convenience is considered a priority and private jets offer amazing travel experiences without stress. When you charter a private Tulsa Jet, you choose your schedule. Whether you are running late or you are ahead of time, a simple call will notify the crew and your trip will be rescheduled for you. 

Private jets allow you the ease of traveling with your special belongings such as sports gear, instruments, products and you can as well travel with your pets. 


Flying with a private jet also allows you to save time. Your overall travel time flying in a private jet is significantly less than commercial flights because you don’t have to shuffle through large airport buildings or wait in long queues.

Not only will you enjoy maximum convenience and save time, but private jets also allow you to make the most use of your precious time. Whether you want to get work done, hold meetings, or relax, you can get to do all these and more when you charter a private jet.


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From the moment you make bookings for your private jet until you arrive at your destination, the private jet company is fully at your service. Private jet companies offer great 24/7 customer care on your chosen communication platform, a personal travel agent, and highly-skilled pilots and crew.

Also, excellent catering and the possibility to pre-order your favorite beverages and food will make your journey more relaxing and comfortable. 


Private jets not only protect you but also your belongings, and it is considerably safer than commercial flights. There are as well fewer restrictions and limitations as you can travel on your terms. You can travel without bothering about being followed or watched.

Also, the chances of being targets of terrorist attacks are slimmer, considering that you don’t have to assemble with other passengers in crowded places. Asides from this, flying with a private jet makes sure that every party is evaluated and third-party safety checks are ensured. 


Private jet companies offer customizable services to perfectly suit passenger’s comfort and preferences. For instance, you can choose the type and size of the onboard amenities, you can tailor your experience to what exactly you need. The private lounges offer comfort with high-end and luxurious furnishing that allows you to move and sit comfortably.

If you are celebrating a special event, you can request personalized amenities such as entertainment media, catering, decorations to suit the theme of your occasion.


Photo by RODNAE Productions at Pexels

Private jets offer confidentiality and privacy. By flying with a private jet, you can enjoy your quiet, concentrate, and even have confidential discussions among your team. Passengers can discuss sensitive topics without intrusion from staff or other travelers as in the case of commercial flights.

On your chartered jet trip, you can utilize the in-flight Wi-Fi and even host video conferences with your team at the office, or make presentations with whiteboards or laptop slides. There is no limit to your productivity when you travel by private jet.

You can also get to spend quality time with your loved ones when you fly with a private jet. Business teams, family, and friends can enjoy great moments together without worrying about commercial flight protocols.

Considering the pace of modern life, air transportation is a necessity and it is therefore imperative to choose wisely. Individuals desire to live enhanced lives by their experiences and you can improve your living with the way you travel. So by flying with a private jet, you can make your life better by opting for a means that gives you maximum comfort, convenience, privacy, safety, and several other benefits that a private jet charter offers you.

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