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In Spite of the Pandemic The Stock Market Had An Amazing Year


In spite of the terrible economic effects caused by the pandemic, the past year has seen record-breaking gains in the stock market. We saw Apple computers become the first $2 trillion-dollar company. Apple was always a leader but this was a high point. We can expect AMAZON to break that mark next and at the rate that company is growing it’s likely AMAZON will be the first $3 trillion-dollar company.

All three major stock indexes, Dow Jones Industrial Average, Nasdaq and the S&P 500 have set new records for financial gains. 

If you are among the thousands of people holding stocks this has been a good year and you probably have a lot of discretionary money on hand. This brings the question of what to do with this new money?

While the pandemic hasn’t hurt the stock market it has put a damper on things like traveling the world or buying season tickets to sporting events or concert tickets. In fact, a lot of people are rarely leaving home, especially if they are working remotely.

So what can you do for entertainment at home besides watching Netflix and learning new dishes to cook? Many people are turning to online casinos and going to sites like

Most online casinos, including cookie-casino, offer generous welcome packages of cash and/or tokens to get you off to a good start. The difference between watching STAR WARS on Netflix for the tenth time and visiting an online casino is the instant excitement gambling brings. 

We’re not suggesting you sell your Apple stocks and spend it at an online casino, but it’s always wise to cash in some of your profits when you can. And in this era of Covid, this could be a fun way to use those profits.

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