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Top 14 doctor-recommended tips for healthy& shiny hair

Who else doesn’t want to have healthy and shiny hair? If you have brittle or dry hair with multiple split ends then this blog is very useful because here we have brought some healthcare professional tips to return gloss to hair. These secrets are going to make your hair nourished and impressive that you have never imagined. Take a look and do let us know either you people were following these tips and tricks or not. 

Add almonds to your diet.

Almonds are the best nutrient for hair and various doctors have recommended this to people for increasing the growth and shine of the hair. It also reduces the chances of grey hair. Almonds have vitamin E in abundance, and high levels of healthy fats give new life to hair. Almonds are known for one of the best nuts for weight loss as well. 

Check out the iron deficiency

Numerous people face hair loss because of iron deficiency. It’s essential to check out this on an immediate basis either you are lacking iron or not because hair loss is because of iron deficiency. Take spinach and other leafy green veggies because these have high iron content.

Take salmon

Do you know fish has omega 3 fatty acids? It is good for reducing inflammation and helps in hair loss. Eat salmon at least 2-3.5 ounces in a week for seeing good results. If you people were not having this then add this in your routine. Apart from fish, you can have beans, flaxseed oil, and chia seeds for omega 3 fatty acid.

Hair masking

Have you been applying various ingredients as a face mask for so long? Now, this is a time to try out some natural ingredients in your hair for a hair mask. You can go for honey and coconut oil to make your hair more shiny and long. These natural ingredients are good for hair. Apply banana mask, egg whites, mayonnaise, honey, fenugreek seeds, and much more as a hair mask.

Use shampoo and conditioner of high-quality brand

Always go for high-quality shampoo and conditioner because these won’t make your hair brittle and dry. You would see outstanding results with the right quality products. Don’t forget to choose as per your specific hair type. Why don’t you go for this as per your doctor’s recommendation? Choose whatever is recommended and see the visible results.

Stay away from crash diets

Do you know a crash diet affects your metabolism? It also causes weight gain. All you need to do is to keep yourself away from these crash diets because it would harm your health and give you massive hair loss. It’s important for healthy hair. Don’t go for strict diet plans and processed foods because it will also negatively impact hair health.

Check for hormonal imbalance

Various people have hormonal imbalances and dietary deficiencies such as thyroid disorders that is the biggest reason for hair loss. Go to your doctor and ask for the help they would suggest a good nutrition diet to improve for the, which overall health. Hormonal imbalances are common, and everyone can have this with poor diet intake.

Get the right treatment for scalp

It’s essential for the scalp to be cleaned and dandruff-free because dandruff doesn’t give you good hair health. Rub scalp with lemon juice to get rid of dandruff flakes. Fenugreek seeds are good for reducing this. Just soak 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in water overnight and grind these seeds next morning. Make a paste and apply it all over your scalp for at least half-hour. Wash your scalp. You would see a difference quickly.

Take B vitamins

Well, it’s imperative to have a few supplements along with hair remedies. Take vitamin B to strengthen your hair, and for this purpose, vitamin B1, B2, B5, B6 are recommended by numerous doctors. Ask your doctors for the brand because the FDA does not approve these vitamins. You will get these vitamins in meats, leafy greens and dairy products. 

Take Brazil nuts

If you want to have something for munching, Brazil nuts are highly recommended for hair health because it is high in selenium to maintain healthy strands. Various doctors recommend this for good hair health. Do you know these nuts provide 774 percent of recommended selenium in this nut? 

Deep massage

Deep massage of hair with oil is essential, and doctors recommend olive oil and argan oil for this purpose. Get a massage for deep conditioning your hair with this. Use a good conditioner after washing hair. It prevents breakage and less hair fall.

Avoid using heating tools

Styling tools may give the right style to the hair, but these heating tools damage your hair. Pulling out tools tightly and reduce tension on follicles. Various chemicals and heating tools cause permanent hair loss, so avoid styling daily because it would wreck your hair.

Stay away from drugs

Despite all facts, this one is essential because excessive usage of drugs affects hair health. Alcohol and substance abuse would not only affect hair health but leave a harmful impact on your mental and physical health. Keep yourself away from these abuses because it won’t give you anything but wreck your body.

Invest in organic products

You all need to pay special attention to buying products for hair. Don’t go for chemical-based products but invest in organic products for hair. Chemically overloaded products lose the moisture of the hair and cause hair fall. Go for the organic ingredients such as coconut, carrot seed oils, cocoa butter and essential oils.

These are the few tips and trick for excellent and healthy hair because it won’t be possible without a good diet. Don’t forget to ask your doctor for further recommendations. We have tried to make this simple for you. Add essential nutrients to your life for giving new life to hair. Do let us know what routine you people are following for healthy hair. 

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