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The Buffalo Sabres are having one of the worst seasons in the team’s history. While the Toronto Maple Leafs aren’t doing that much better they still have a chance to make a team that can make it to the Stanley Cup playoffs. 

Buffalo’s Jack Eichel was supposed to be the savior of the Sabres but he hasn’t been able to lift the team out of the basement. Nevertheless, he’s not going to any other NHL team. However, the Sabres have an exceptional talent in Taylor Hall who only has a one year $8 million contract and he has the left-winger skills that the Maple Leafs need.

Hall won the NHL most valuable player  Hart Trophy in 2018 when he was with the New Jersey Devils. So far his time with the Sabres hasn’t been spectacular. He only has one goal. The Sabres haven’t made the playoffs in 10 seasons and Hall doesn’t seem to be making things better. However, if he were playing with the Maple Leafs he probably would perform better and he’ll be free to change teams during the off season. 

Unfortunately, the price tag for Taylor Hall is too high for the Maple Leafs based on their payroll cap.  They would need to offer the Sabres something like their first-round draft pick to get the Sabres to eat some of Hall’s salary.

Canada needs championship hockey teams. They don’t have the major football or basketball franchises like the United States so hockey is their only chance to winner’s on the world sports team stage.

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