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Pregnancy Smart Scale

With the growth of technology, health companies are designing numerous smart health and fitness gadgets that are enabled to track one’s health at home.

One such device is the Beebo Smart Pregnancy Scale, developed for mothers and soon-to-be mothers. Pregnancy is such a delicate time that it is imperative to closely monitor all health and body vitals to prevent complications by maintaining optimal levels. Weight is one of the significant vitals that require constant monitoring during and after pregnancy.

Here are a few things you need to know about FitTrack Beebo Smart Scale.

Offers Comprehensive Health Metrics

Pregnancy comes with many body and health changes, and mothers and soon-to-be mothers need to monitor everything that happens.

The Smart Pregnancy Scale is a one-stop monitoring device that allows for the tracking and collecting of comprehensive health metrics. Some of the key metrics that the scale tracks include BMI of the mother, body fat mass, bone mass, weight, muscle mass, and body vitals such as breathing, blood oxygen, and hydration levels.

The data collected can help a mother to make informed decisions during their prenatal and postnatal period.

Connects to Different Apps

To get started with your new FitTrack Beebo Scale, all you need to do is download your FitTrack Health App on your smartphone, pair and connect both devices using Bluetooth. After the connection, the scale starts to collect the data immediately you step onto it. Besides the FitTrack Health App, the smart scale can connect and sync with other apps such as Google Fit, Apple Health, and Fitbit giving you good flexibility.

Designed with Four Modes

One of the critical metrics to closely monitor is your weight. In most cases after pregnancy, a mother needs to return to her average weight and body shape by doing workouts and eating fewer calorie foods, all while tracking the baby’s vitals.

Therefore, the designers installed four modes. These are the Infant mode, Pregnancy mode, Athlete mode, and General Mode. The four tracking modes will help you track your progress and manage your weight.

For instance, after pregnancy, you can start using the Athlete mode that offers you workout programs to help you shed off the post-baby fats and get you into shape.

Creation of Mothers’ Online Community

Pregnancy is a hectic period for a mother, hence the need for constant support, motivation, and a sense of togetherness. Therefore, the Smart Scale allows you to create your profile and connect with other mothers to form online communities to track your pregnancy metrics together.

Being in such groups will enable you to motivate each other during the pre-and post-pregnancy period. The smart scale also allows for up to 8 users to connect to it using personal smartphones, making it a perfect device if you have a large family. 

Works Using Electrical Signals and Algorithms

You might be wondering how the Beebo Smart Scale works. Well, once you have set up everything and you climb on it, a low but safe electrical signal is sent from the scale’s four metal electrodes throughout your body.

The signals pass through the water present in your body tissues until it reaches the fat tissue, which acts as a resistance block creating what is known as Impedance. Impedance is measured using the app’s algorithms and equations to calculate the required body measurements based on the criteria you have selected on the app.

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