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4 Art-Loving Casinos That Feature Famous Paintings

Beautiful artwork and paintings are not the first things that come to mind when you think about casinos. Chip, bright lights, tables, and slot machines, maybe. But according to NetBet Casino analysts, casinos are known to spend colossal amounts of money for works of art as decor. They are also among the biggest famous painting hosts. Many casinos are home to among the most incredible and famous paintings that exist. 

You may be wondering what paintings have to do with gambling. A casino is a place where people come to show off their money and wealth. Not all casinos fall in the same class. High-end casinos will want to impress their high society clients with a suitable environment for them to play. It is usually a marketing strategy taken to attract a particular class of customers and to stand out. Some works of art just speak “class.”

Let Us Look at Some of the Casinos With Famous Paintings

The Wynn Palace

The Wynn Palace in Las Vegas boasts of many paintings being from Wynn’s personal collection. After the Wynn gallery’s closure in 2009, he took another strategy and utilized his private artwork in many of his properties, including the Wynn Palace. Among the notable paintings is Jeff Koon’s Tulips and Tim Bavington’s Full Fathom Five painting. The casino now looks like an art exhibition without losing its main agenda, gambling. Notably, the paintings and other artwork in the casino are placed strategically where customer traffic is high.  

The Palms Casino

This is another famous casino in Las Vegas that hosts an incredible and vast collection of art on its walls. Most of this is a result of a renovation that cost the hotel a whopping $620 million. The famous painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat hangs in a private suite. Other works of art at the Palms Casino include artwork by Damien Hirst of the Young British Artists. 

The Bellagio

More than being a world-class hotel and casino, it also boasts of its renowned art gallery. It is the ultimate Las Vegas spot for high-end exhibitions for paintings and other works of art. The Bellagio features among the most famous and finest works. Some of the famous paintings exhibited belong to Vincent Van Gogh, a famous dutch painter, Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, among others. Bellagio is known as a casino/art, something that is catching up with many casinos.

Live! Casino and Hotel

Finally, this casino, which is not in Las Vegas, has gone an extra mile to impress its customers with incredible artwork. The hotel and casino in Maryland boast of paintings from artists like Andy Warhol. Nick Cave’s fabric sculptures also feature prominently are among the displays in the hotel as well.


According to data by Statista, the gambling market will have a value of $ 92.9 billion in 2023. The current market size is about $59 billion. The data shows how much the industry is worth. All key players are working hard to maximize the value of their hold in the market.

Casino owners are now combining gambling with art exhibitions. As much as it is a marketing strategy, it also forms part of the entertainment.



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