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Top Alternative Ways to Listen to Music

There is a reason why music has existed for as long as humanity has. When Thomas Edison invented the record player in 1877, it could only last a single play and that was it. That was before the gramophone, but what a piece of invention that was? 

Despite the vast technological advancements, record players have become so common, and perhaps they never died out? Who would have thought?  Today, we listen to music through phones, and we can easily download free music over the internet. Furthermore, we have software that allows you to stream live songs without necessarily having to download them

While we have both new and retro-style alternatives to listening to music, a vinyl record player and car radios are the definite favorites for many. Today, a record player can still allow you to enjoy your vinyl the way it was meant to be enjoyed, which are still available for purchase online or in music shops. That said, let’s look at the top alternative ways to listen to music.

Record player and turntables

There are virtually hundreds of websites, applications, and systems that offer streaming services. The technology is cutting-edge for all these streaming services. Nonetheless, there is a base of people who can’t quit the old classic – a record player.

The way we listen to music and the devices we use have changed over time, but that can’t be said of record players. The vinyl, despite being quite obsolete, can’t die. The love for them has elicited arguments that vinyl can produce better sound than today’s CDs because of the audio compression we see in CDs. For that reason, most of these people refuse to recreationally listen to music unless they have a record player.

But why are they still popular?

These players have been customized and upgraded with the latest features. If you have listened to one, you will agree that it coaxes a unique sound that elicits memories of ancient times – the bygone era.

One best feature that distinguishes modern players from the old-fashioned ones is that they can convert audio from the disc to MP3 formats. This way, you can transfer them to modern devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. And more importantly, you can enjoy the vinyl sound regardless of your location.

Modern alternatives to listening to music

Decades ago, the only way you could listen to music was either through radio or via a record player. But thanks to technology, conventional methods have been introduced. And whether it is a website or application software, here are popular ways you can listen to music without the traditional challenges.

Google Play Music

This is a popular platform for streaming music online. The library is unlimited, and you can listen to music and translate it from whichever language on the globe. Furthermore, you can upload your music and enjoy it at any time and conveniently.


This is the world’s most famous audio and video streaming platform. You can virtually listen to any music at any time. All you have to do is search for your favorite and get the video clips. Or if you want to listen to audio, you can use the YouTube Converter software and then proceed to download the file.


Pandora is one of the mainstream platforms that allows you to listen to your favorite music anywhere. You can access the music through a variety of devices, and the platform allows you to select the file versions.


Spotify offers a free ad-supported version and the premium version from where you can search and listen to your favorite music. One of the best features on this platform is that some playlists come pre-listed so that, depending on your mood and setting, you can enjoy your favorite playlists. Users often choose to buy Spotify followers & streams for rapid growth.


This platform has a live radio app and a music streaming service all in one app. All you have to do is choose your favorite genre, location, and then the app will display all the radio stations that match your search criteria. After that, you will proceed to make your choice and listen to your music.

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There are numerous ways to listen to your favorite music at any time and place. And whether it is turning to your local radio stations, using CDs or record players, it all comes down to personal preference and generational differences. A record player, for instance, has survived the test of time and still gets the attention, and deservedly so, that both current and retro-style music lovers still can’t get over with.

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