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How To Artistically Honor and Commemorate A Dearly Departed

February 25, 2021

Coping with the loss of a loved one can be tough for the grieving. It’s even harder when you have close ties with them. There are no words to make it better. No cards or flowers can ever make it feel better. It all lies with the ways people choose to celebrate the dearly departed. It makes a lot of sense when people hold parties to celebrate the life of a loved one. After all, is said and done, you only live once; we know of the beginning but the ending is a mystery! Here is how to artistically honor and commemorate a dearly departed.  

1. Organize the Best Funeral Service

There are so many ways you can celebrate the life of a dearly departed. A great start is by organizing a memorable memorial service for them right after their passing. Most people have their funeral wishes and it’s important to honor them. You have some who’d love to be cremated or buried. All these are wishes to be honored but then again, it all depends on how a funeral service is conducted, and this is where having experienced funeral directors might come in handy. Professional funeral services will help to, first and foremost, take the load off your shoulders. Secondly, they’ll help with the organization process as well as take care of things you would not take care of even with all the love in your heart. 

2. Keep a Memorable Item with You

You have items that were loved by a departed soul. These are items that are reminders of the times you shared. You can have such items recreated into artistic forms and in so many ways, allow you to have memories that will last for generations to come. All you need are professional recreators to help you with it. Whether it’s an old picture, a piece of old jewelry, or a dress you’d want to keep for old time’s sake, name it. You have people who will be willing to create lasting memories from such items. 

3. Frame It!

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Did you know that anything can be artistically framed and become the centerpiece in your home? Well, when it comes to honoring a dearly departed, you can have a picture of theirs framed, a letter they wrote, or any other memorabilia you can think of. Invest in a specially made frame and hang it in your favorite room. You also have the option of creating a scrapbook in their honor. These could be old pictures or tributes from the funeral ceremony. These are great ideas that can be digitized and kept in a safe folder on your computer.  

4. Mark Their Favorite Spot with Art

Whether it’s a drawing, a written poem, or lyrics from their favorite song, you can have these artistically written or drawn. If you are the kind of person who can write, draw, or paint, you have these ideas that can help you to remember a departed soul. Alternatively, you have the option of hiring professional artists to help you with this and more. 

5. Sing It Out

If there was ever a moment that you shared with a dearly departed with a song, then you have the song to remember them with. You can always download their favorite tune and play it whenever you feel lonely. To add to this, you can hang out in that favorite joint you used to frequent and do karaoke in their honor. Have your friends sing along and see how it goes. Whether it’s a country song, RNB, or any other genre, you can remember your loved one through music. 

6. Dress As They Did

If you had a loved one who donned themselves stylishly, then you have every reason to commemorate them dressed as they did. It might sound and look weird but you’ll be doing yourself – and them – a favor in doing just this. It doesn’t have to be the clothes they wore. You can purchase replicas of the fashion type they preferred. It could be a fragrance, lipstick, shoes, dress, or any other attire. Whatever you feel can help you celebrate the life of a loved one through fashion, do not hold yourself back! 

Life is fragile, right? Today you have them in sight, and the next thing you know, they are gone. But to hold memories and preserve them is all that it takes to have your dearly departed remembered. The above are ways you can remember departed souls and have their memories forever cherished. 

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