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5 Best Photoshop Actions to Enhance Your Photoshop Creativity

Anyone who’s trying to learn the Adobe Photoshop editing software in detail must have come across Photoshop Actions tutorials. Photoshop Actions is an easy and efficient way to add complex yet great-looking effects to your photographs via Adobe Photoshop. If you’re looking to enhance your Photoshop skills, then today we are here with a detailed article featuring some of the best Photoshop actions in 2021.

What Are Photoshop Actions?

Before taking you to the best Photoshop actions guide for photographers, let us explain what a Photoshop Action actually is. In simple words, Photoshop Actions are editing presets that involve various levels of features that are available within the Adobe Photoshop software. Photoshop Actions are usually released by professional Adobe Photoshop users.

There are lots of Photoshop actions free downloads as well as premium paid ones available on the internet. To use Photoshop actions, all you need to do is download the Photoshop actions of your choice and then run the presets on the image that you’re currently editing to add the inbuilt filters and edits.

5 Best Photoshop Actions to Enhance Your Creativity

Now that we’ve explained to you about Photoshop actions, let us take you through the best Photoshop actions guide for photographers in 2021.

  1. Rain Photoshop Action

    Photos that involve rain effects are very impressive.

    Keeping the difficulty of standing in the pouring rain to capture a photograph aside, it is also very difficult to capture the rain effect without having a close focus.

    The “Rain” Photoshop action lets you add an impressive rain effect to your photograph without any hassles. The action works best on photos with dimmer lighting as the rain effect really stands out.
  2. Pixelated Photoshop Action

    Adding the pixelation effect to photographs is something that most editors are fascinated about.

    With the “Pixelated” Photoshop action, you can add the pixelation effect to your photos without much effort at all.

    To apply the pixelation effect on an image, all you need to do is brush over the image area that you wish to pixelate and play with the action to happen.
  3. Twisted Photoshop Action

    Blurry effects look great on photographs, especially when the photograph itself is colourful and you’re trying to highlight a particular subject.

    However, what makes blurry effects really impressive is when you add twists and swirls effect to the blur.

    With the “Twisted” Photoshop action, your effort to add twists and swirls to an image is close to none!
  4. Wet Glass Photoshop Action

    Another great effect that you can add to an image is the wet glass effect. Adding a wet glass effect gives a dramatic touch to your photos and also makes it very pleasing to the eye.

    With the “Wet Glass” Photoshop action, you can easily add the wet glass editing effect to any image without having to go through all the tools individually.

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  5. Mixed Art Photoshop Action

    Do you feel like experimenting with your photograph by making it colourful and vibrant?

    Then the “Mixed Art” Photoshop action is the one you should go with. With the use of watercolour splashes, scripts that are hand-drawn, and smudging effects, this Photoshop action works well on brightly lit and colourful photos.

Final Words

All of us have lots of editing ideas when trying to enhance photographs using the Adobe Photoshop software. In this Photoshop actions tutorial, we tried to include some of the best and interesting PS actions that can help bring your editing ideas to reality without much effort.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are literally thousands of Adobe Photoshop actions out there that you can easily download and use with just a few clicks.

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