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NEW MUSIC: Creative Dublin artist Æ MAK releases music video “JAMIE”

Ireland’s future-pop auteur Æ Mak announces their new EP, Class Exercises, out 3/26 via her own label Spacer Records.

The new single “Jamie” fuses Æ Mak’s production prowess with gritty, house party-geared energy.


Primal, club-orientated drums contract and expand with a fierce intensity, punctuating the air through which her vocals float. The titular Jamie is none other than Jamie XX. ,

“I made the full song during the production course,”Æ Mak says. “We’d pick tracks that inspire us and one of mine was a Jamie xx song [‘Obvs’]. So, I named it after him and wrote about our fantasy love affair while I’m making tunes down in my dungeon.”

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