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7 Chic Ways You Can Wear Slippers

Slippers once used to be commonly seen worn indoors like the house, on the beach, or by the pool. In spite of that, slippers can now replace sneakers in the most stylish way- thanks to the constant change in fashion trends! These comfy footwear has gone through an upgrade and now come in all kinds of styles and colors that you can see anywhere in the street, at work, at a nightclub, or a fancy restaurant. The trend caught on so much that major brands started getting creative with how their slippers are made. If you’re new to the trend and can’t picture slippers except with your pajamas, here are some chic ways you can try:

1. Add Texture

If you’re looking to wear slippers and still look classy, look for slippers with additional texture. Whether they are velvet, suede, leather, or satin, these textures will make your slippers more suitable for formal settings like work or meetings. If your outfit is made up of colors that come from jewel tones like sapphire, ruby, and emerald, these colors would pair perfectly with velvet slippers. Meanwhile, more neutral tones would call for suede slippers.

2. Go Metallic 

Going on a night out with your friends and need a functional outfit to be comfortable in while still looking chic? Then be thankful that metallic slippers are back in fashion! Metallic slippers have the ability to make you look sophisticated while still being comfortable. Choosing slippers in silver, gold, and rose gold metallics will make your outfit more radiant. Pair it with colors like black or white to make them shine even brighter!

3. Covered in Fur

Furry slippers are all the rage nowadays, especially during the summer. This furry footwear did make its way into winter fashion as well and is convenient if your feet don’t get easily cold. If your feet do, fashion gurus started wearing furry slippers with long socks. Furry slippers also make the perfect pairing to any outfit during the summer. Black fur slippers can give you the freedom to go with bold colors in your outfit. They can also go great with sports sets for running quick errands. Bright colored fur slippers can be paired with essentials and make you look dressed up!

4. Bedazzled Slippers

Make your slippers catch anyone’s attention by adding bedazzling embellishments. Bedazzled slippers will not only catch people’s eyes but they will also take any plain outfit to the next level. If you can’t find the perfect embellished slipper, you can totally make your own! Take any plain slipper and add your favorite crystals, sequins, or big buckle and they’ll definitely look even more luxurious. Embellished slippers can be paired with anything from floral dresses to dress shirts paired with trousers for a workday!

5. Styled With Dresses

Slippers are known to go best with dresses because they have more room to pop. They can go well with platform slippers and if you like heels with your dresses, you can find heeled slippers too! Summer dresses pair perfectly with a Havaiana slipper which is ideal for a beach day in the sand. Havaiana slipper combines simplicity and style while still being comfortable and durable. Try them out with a shirtdress for a cute look with maximum comfort. They would have the same effect with skirts as well.

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6. With Denim

Slippers seem to be almost always paired with a t-shirt and denim jeans. You can use that to your advantage and play around with the denim aspect. Try to pair your slippers with an oversized denim jacket for a chic afternoon look. For a sexier evening look, pair your slippers with denim shorts and an off-shoulder short sleeve blouse. You’ll never go wrong with oversized ripped boyfriend jeans with a bold-colored slipper.

7. Paired With Other Bold Pieces

Wearing slippers is already making a statement, so why not go even further with that statement and wear other pieces to make for a bold outfit. You can style slippers with another textured outfit accessory, like a shearling bucket hat. You can go even bolder and incorporate leather with your favorite slippers. With a leather jacket, pants, or skirt, they would make for a strikingly chic outfit. You can also pair it with something like nice four leaf clover bracelet.  If you have the guts, pair these statement pieces with neon-colored slippers or ones that are extremely bedazzled.  

Now that you have all these ideas on ways you can wear slippers, it’s time to take them out of the house. As a start, choose the style that most appealed to you to get the slippers that go best with it. After that, we promise you’ll fall in love with the idea of looking stylish while feeling comfortable. You’ll end up buying a whole collection of slippers for each place and style. Just remember to finish off the look with a mani-pedi!

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