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Healthy and Nutritious Foods That You Can Feed Your Dog

By now you already know how a dog can offer a good companionship. Are you looking for better ways to make your friendship more! Build the bonding through mealtimes. Let your dog always be eager to dig into the bowl. This can be achieved through finding delicious foods. Moreover, find the ones that are both mouth-watering and nutritious. With such healthy options, the dog will grow and develop healthily.

Dogs are energetic and playful animals hence the issue of proper feeding means a lot. It is, however, significant to be observant of the quantities you give. This ensures minimal or no accumulation of calories in the dog’s body: The main cause of dog obesity. Also underfeeding is a no-go-zone for dog owners. The key to proper dog feeding starts from the choice you make on the type of foods you give your dog and choosing high quality dog food.
The below guide will offer the ultimate guide.

Raw Carrots

Dogs are carnivorous animals hence flesh is part of their lives. This makes their digestive system harness the required calories for the body’s metabolism. However, meat alone will not promote much-needed health. This is why having well-balanced meals is necessary. Look for fruits and vegetables which go well with dogs.

Carrots are recommendable as they are rich in vitamin A. This is required for the boosting of the dog’s immune system. It promotes healthy skin or coat as well. However, there ought to be a limit on the amount allowed. The nutritionists at the veterinary field inform of the risks brought about by excess vitamin A in dogs. This vitamin turns to be toxic when in huge amounts. Another benefit of carrots is that they help in the removal of plaques which promote dental hygiene.

Apples on the other hand are fit for dogs as they too contain vitamin A. With them, there is also plenty of vitamin C which enhances immunity well. They also avail a lot of fiber which brings about the regulation of the digestive system.

Raw or Canned Fish

Fish is a good source of protein that every dog needs. The choices of shrimp, tuna, and salmon are preferred as they have fatty oils. This helps in making the coat more shiny and proper development of the brain. The dog trainers go the extra mile of buying omega oil supplements to improve the braining functionality of a dog.

In the market, there are canned fish which saves you time in the feeding. Moreover, the wet dog food apart from being juicy and tasty is well-prepared to provide the right nutrients. Some processing companies have developed brands for dogs based on age. This ensures no over-consumption of particular nutrients.


This is the most favorite for many dogs. It can be taken raw but there are campaigns on making most dog meals cooked. The introduction of heat lowers the chances of food contamination and poisoning. Even as you strive to clean the bowl and other essentials for the dog, raw meat may be a major source of germs.

The best thing with chicken is that it can be prepared easily and there are several ways to go about it. Boiling is the simplest approach and it makes the meal more natural. It can be a good option to marinate with some natural herbs as it makes it more enticing for the dog.

Dogs at times get stomach upsets. When yours is in this state cooking the meat thoroughly is recommendable. Here avoid the seasoning step. It reduced the complexity in the digestion hence better recovery. It may be a good choice to avoid any processed foods since they are composed of preservations.

On the topic of stomach upsets, white rice is much more significant. This is because its digestion is easy alongside exhibiting efficiency in the binding of stool. For diabetic dogs, this choice may not be recommendable as it may result in high blood sugar levels.

Peanut Butter

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As you may notice, proteins need to be dominant in a dog’s diet. Go for not only the ones coming from animals. The plant proteins from legumes are key. Groundnuts are often mixed with food as they combine well. Think of peanut butter as the replacement for the whole groundnuts.

When preparing cereal porridge, add two spoonfuls of peanut. Make this a habit every time and the overall results will be good. Do the same when it comes to dog smoothies. The best choice of peanut is the unsalted one. Check whether there are added sugars as this is not healthy especially in the long run.

Having a dog at home brings a lot of liveliness. There are different ways to cater to the well-being of the dog. The best is making the right choices of foods. Go for the options which are not only tasty but contain the necessary nutrients.

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