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NEW MUSIC: Rapper Cellus Hamilton reaches back to make video for hit song ‘RIGHT NOW”

Most people would prefer to bury their pasts and never look back. They figure that because people weren’t there to witness the dark moments of their lives, it is wise to act like they never happened. Cellus Hamilton is not most people. In his new video “Right Now”, Hamilton reminisces about the mistakes of his immature past and how they have made him into the man he is today. As a successful business owner, husband, and creator of three charting albums, Cellus Hamilton reflects on his days of getting high, chasing women, and writing self-glorifying music.

Right Now

Dedicate every single bruised
I Dedicate every single scar
I Dedicate every single wound
I dedicate every single thing that made me the man that I am
Right now
Right now
Right now
Right now
Right now
I remember I used to just wanna get high
I remember I used to just wanna get by
I remember I used to just wanna get fly
I’d hit the mall
Look for shorties
Mack on two at a time
I remember when I used to brag in my rhymes
And every song I wrote would say how I’m ahead my time
I don’t rap like that no mo
No mo
No mo
No mo
No mo
Every time I got in fights
Every time I went broke
Every time I skipped church
Every time I touched dope
Every time I left the city
Every time I dodged the gun
Every time I met celebrities
And thought that I was on
My family full of addicts
Some do…
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