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Why Tungsten Wedding Rings Are The Best For Working Men

Tungsten rings have gained massive popularity over the years and have become the preferred ring choice for many people more so for the working men who do a lot of physical activity that involves lifting and touching rough items and surfaces which can easily damage the ring on the finger.

When you study the online market and the buying patterns with regards to wedding rings, you will realize that a lot of people are more inclined to buy tungsten rings as compared to the other rings on offer such as titanium, platinum, or white gold. The reason for this spike in demand for this ring type is the benefits it has to offer.

Tungsten rings have been branded as indestructible rings. They are very strong. When designing the ring, tungsten is combined together with carbon, hence the name tungsten carbide which makes it very strong.

As is commonly known, carbon is the element that has made diamond very hard. The scale that measures hardness ranks diamond at 10.0 while tungsten carbide is ranked at 9.5. This is in comparison to titanium which ranks at 6.0 and white gold at 3.0 while platinum ranks at 4.0. From these ranks, it is evident that tungsten carbide ranks higher in hardness compared to its competitors.

So why are tungsten wedding rings the best option for working men? Here is why:

1.  They Are Affordable

Tungsten rings compared to white gold, platinum, or titanium rings are quite cheap and pocket-friendly. This stems from the industrial background that tungsten has.

Tungsten is commonly used in making heavy machinery owing to the fact that it is quite cheap to create all the while retaining its hardness. It isn’t naturally found compared to other metals like gold.

Tungsten carbide is easily made in factories as compared to the mining cost involved in extracting gold and other metals from the mines. As such, the cost of manufacturing tungsten is on the lower side. Consequently, the pricing of tungsten rings is also quite affordable in the market. Working men can therefore purchase high-quality tungsten wedding rings at a low pocket-friendly price.

2. They Are Extremely High Quality

If you take an expensive titanium or white gold ring and compare it with a white gold tungsten ring side by side, you will find a striking resemblance between the two metals and see no variation between them unless an expert jeweler points it out to you.

White tungsten is simply tungsten carbide that has been mixed with several other metals in a bid to boost its brightness to look similar to that of white gold or platinum. When this is done, what you have in front of you is two rings which look similar to each other, yet one, platinum or white gold’s cost makes you dig deep into your pockets to pay for it while the other, white tungsten, is quite cheap and still maintains its high quality.

3. They Are Resistant To Fading And Scratching

Furthermore, tungsten rings have a high level of resistance to fading and scratching compared to its counterparts. Gold and platinum rings tend to oxidize and need constant maintenance. You have to clean and polish them regularly and as you do so, you could potentially strip away part of the precious metal, leaving it dull and in need of repair.

Tungsten rings are so tough that they won’t incur scratches when they rub against rough surfaces. All this ring requires is a simple wash. Going an extra mile to polish the tungsten ring’s surface will make it look brand new regardless of how long you’ve been wearing it.


From the pointers above, you’ve found enough reason to understand why tungsten rings are the best option for working men. These rings are man-made. As such, they can be designed and shaped into different styles that are not possible to achieve with other types of metals.

That being said, it’s important to know that there are numerous counterfeits of tungsten wedding rings being sold in the market. Such rings are of poor quality and end up causing skin rashes.

As you shop for a tungsten ring, ensure that you go for one that has a valid warranty against breaking or cracking.

The benefits that tungsten rings come with will give any working man peace of mind that regardless of how physically involving their day-to-day job is, the wedding ring he has on his finger will serve its purpose for the longest time possible.

When working, you don’t have to take it off in fear of it getting scratches, breaking, or getting damaged.

With that said, here are some original high-quality tungsten wedding rings for working men that you can buy.


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