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NEW MUSIC: Death Metal band Night Crowned unleashes new single “NATTKRÖNT”

Swedish black/death metal band Night Crowned impressed the heavy music crowd with their debut studio album, Impius Viam (2020, Noble Demon). Consisting of former and current members of legendary acts such as Dark FuneralNightrage and Cipher System, the band’s latest album, titled Hädanfärd, is an imposing work full of rage, melancholy and pure destruction, offering a true reawakening of the sounds dormant from the most influential acts and masterpieces of the Scandinavian ‘90s.

Hädanfärd, set for release on July 9th 2021, via German label Noble Demon.

“What we made is not just an album,” said vocalist K. Romlin. “it is a story. A story that has no beginning, nor end. A story that is as old as time itself. This is a story about life given & life taken, this is the tale when I meet death” Vocalist K. Romlin states.

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