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The Real Reason Online Casinos Are Popular

This probably doesn’t come as too much of a surprise, but the betting industry is arguably one of the biggest on the planet. With millions of people being involved on a daily basis and billions of dollars changing hands every year, it is a behemoth that has managed to keep going strong, even in the unusual circumstances of the past twelve months. 

Facts and figures

There are many aspects to gambling that help to generate interest all around the world, giving an abundance of options to make it more entertaining for anyone who chooses to take part. Sports betting forms a big part of the gambling industry, with football, horse racing (notably the Grand National), and boxing being particularly popular amongst betting circles. The global appeal is there for all to see when you look at the gambling figures across the world, with both China ($36.5 billion) and the USA ($36.5 billion) spending exorbitant amounts on gambling in one year. This is reinforced by the fact that at least five countries average at almost three-quarters of their population being actively involved with gambling. Just taking one look at the Netherlands shows exactly that, as 87 percent of their population would admit to being regular gamblers. When it comes to sports betting in the USA, almost $200 million alone was spent, which is hardly surprising when you consider that around 60 percent of the US population would consider themselves to be sports fans. The numbers are just incredible and reinforce why the betting industry remains a juggernaut in a time when some other industries struggled. 

What about online?

With online gambling and casinos, it is no different, with them becoming ever more popular during the frequent on and off lockdowns around the world. It gave people some form of break from the news they were being shown every day and acted as a legitimate leisure activity to while away the hours. The move to online gaming has helped any number of sites to grow as a result, not least who saw their customer base expand. As with everything in the online world, ease of access has been the key as it has made it possible for both old and new players to access the games from within their own homes, and in some ways, they have been able to keep in contact with friends through the live chats within the games themselves. Although they might not be close friends, the camaraderie that can be gleaned from group chats can give it more of a community feel and make it feel as if you are playing and competing amongst friends.


Whilst it is unlikely that the bubble is going to burst any time soon, online betting and slots seem to be the way to go in the future. The fact is it has become more inclusive as more people are able to join up than ever before, meaning that customer bases are only going to grow, and the industry can only really expand further. 

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