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What steps go into designing a casino game?

With so many different online casino games available to play, there will be intrigue about how the games have been designed and created.

Thankfully, it can be a rather simple process in coming up and designing the idea for those that aim to create a simple game, with just a couple of steps required to be followed.

Check out this guide to see how you can look to design a casino game.

Consider what game to use as a template

It is incredibly hard to think of a new game concept as an original idea, with so many having already taken traditional and classic casino games as a way of building a new version of an existing game. Of course, things will still have to be different, but using the foundations that have already been provided will certainly help to get things going in the development and design stages. There are so many different options available, as those who look for the best online casinos for US players will already know, but there is something that can always be used.

Think of the rules of the game

Any good casino game worth its salt will have a number of rules and guidelines that can be followed, with both, the player and the house, having their own set to make the casino game as far as possible. This is perhaps the main area of the game in which creativity can start to work its magic and make the game a little different from other versions that can already be found. Designers can make the rules as easy as they wish – which may encourage more players in the future – or they can be as inventive as they want to try and create a gaming experience that is unlike any other.

Testing the game

Whilst this step may not actually happen for a while as the process of designing a casino game that works can be a lengthy process, the next step is the one that will make it clear as to whether the online casino game has a chance of being successful. Players and testers will need to check out whether the game works to the rules that have been designed, whether there are any bugs that could allow for it to be exploited and attacked, whilst also allowing for a seamless overall gameplay experience. Nobody wants to play a game that does not work the way it should, or becomes frustrating because it does not run efficiently or as effectively as it should!

Protect the game and find someone willing to take it

If the casino game designed has passed all of the previous steps outlined, then it would be worth looking to protect it as much as possible. Developers will not want their game to be copied by someone else, especially if they are successful, as others may see a license to copy it and try and bring it to their own market of players. Designers can look to get a patent to protect it legally, which will protect the concept for 50 years. 

Once this has been done, it would be worth seeing if you can find a big game developer to take it on and get it out to a wider audience. Admittedly, this step will be one of those “easier said than done” moments, but it is not impossible. There are a number of ways this can be done, with networking and further reading perhaps some of the best ways of learning who to meet and talk to.

Get it to market

If a designer has been successful in all of the steps outlined above, they will then be in a position to promote it to casino players as they will be able to put it out into the market. If a developer has agreed to a partnership, then not too much will need to be done, although there will be no guarantee of success. If it does reach a market, designers will need to hope that it takes off by watching the traction it gets, whilst likely trying to come up with a new game to design and develop.

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