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Yu Ting Huang’s Tips for Making Great Content (Interview) 

Online content creation, especially branded content for various brands, can be challenging, even for veterans of the format. 

There’s always pressure to make something new and grow your audience, and when creating very high-quality content, keeping up with that pace is difficult, to say the least, and certainly very time-consuming as well. 

But content creator Yu Ting Huang has been able to use her background in the arts as a way to create unique and interesting branded content, most recently for i2R CNC, which is a brand that sells CNC machines. 

Thanks in large part to Huang’s impeccable content creation work and social media management, the brand has seen significant growth on multiple social media channels, and the photos and videos that Huang creates do an excellent job of showing off what these machines are capable of. 

In our interview with Huang, she provided a number of tips for those looking to up their content creation game.  

Do you think all content creators should have a basic understanding of design and video editing software? 

It is not mandatory but will improve the quality of the content. There are multiple platforms and apps dedicated to creators without a design and video production background, which have some limitations comparing to the more advanced tools. So it depends on how you want to deliver your message to viewers.

What was your first job in content creation? 

My first job was taking photos of artists and their working spaces for a home-sharing platform. It was fun to travel around NYC and meet artists of all kinds. Even though the job is paused due to the pandemic, human connection is the most valuable thing.

Were you already familiar with photography and videography when you started your first job in content creation? 

Yes, I was. I built installations and made video art before I started making branded content. During that time, I took photo and video documentation of the process frequently. It’s a different world, but it also inspired me to do branded content creation.

What do you think is the most important thing for creating content that stands out from the rest? 

Surviving in the competitive market in social media is like running a marathon. You don’t necessarily have to master the top skills in photo and video production. It’s creativity that continuously captures the attention of the viewers.

What about your work appeals to you the most? 

I captured the footage as much as possible to have a pool of videos to choose from for editing. I’m always thinking about how to visualize the process of woodworking and the order of each clip. Filming is a lot of fun!

Do you ever look at work from other content creators for inspiration? 

Yes, definitely. It is a must to research what’s popular in the market and what’s unique. Sometimes, it’s good to pause on producing content and check out others’ work. It’s my motivation to keep doing good work.

What would you recommend for a beginner who’s just starting out in content creation? 

Start making content now! Whether the result is good or bad, taking action is a great way to start. I am looking forward to seeing more talent join in on content creation.