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What is Trustly and what changes does it bring to online casinos?

Sweden. Famous for safe cars and trucks, like Volvo, flat pack furniture in Ikea, and great music through the melodic ingenuity of Abba. And of course, Vikings. 

And would you believe, they recycle 49% of all the plastic in their country? They’re clean, too.

From the land of seatbelts, ready-to-assemble furniture and recycling comes something new. It’s a technology so ground-breaking that it is changing the way financial transactions take place all across the world.

It’s called Trustly.

What is Trustly and why should I trust it?

You should trust Trustly because Facebook, Dell, eBay, and Lyft trust them.

Yep, big corporations make use of Trustly. 

One of the biggest arenas where Trustly is gaining trust is its use in online casinos. If you’re into online gaming such as video slots, card games, and table-based games then Trustly is your biggest ally.

There are further details about the Pay n Play technology available on the internet if you want to do research (link for English We’ll encourage you to do that, anyway. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. With the advent of Pay n Play casinos, these forms of technology have grown in leaps and bounds.

It’s no longer necessary to send all your sensitive identification documents through online channels before you can register an account with a casino, also known as Know Your Client/KYC. There are countless no account casinos around because of Trustly and similar technologies.

Online casinos don’t need to go through KYC protocols to register you as a player, anymore, thanks to Trustly.

Pay and Play casinos mean you can pay your deposit, play games, win, withdraw your money and go on to the next casino – without needing to verify your identification once.

How does it work?

Trustly uses your bank account as verification. Since your bank has (or should have) all your identification records on their database, there’s no need for you to send them to an online casino again.

Trustly technology tells the casino who you are, so you don’t have to. Clever. Those pesky documents can stay in the drawer. You don’t need to scan documents and send them to the online casino for verification. Phew. 

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No account casinos are convenient but there are still many conventional online casinos around as well. We like the idea of Pay and Play casinos, however, as their ease of access is far superior to traditional gaming principles.


No account casinos have changed the online gaming landscape forever. The exhilaration of online gambling isn’t weighed down by laborious registration procedures anymore. 

In fact, with Trustly, you don’t have to be locked into one casino. You can play multiple sites if you desire. Imagine having to send verification documents to many casinos? Yuck!

They even partner with some of the world’s foremost online financial systems.This is one of the ways that we can be convinced they are a reliable and trusted payment platform. Trustly is a strong contender in the future of payment in the igaming industry by far.

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