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6 Music Genres That Can Help You Concentrate on Studying

A vast majority of students prefer to listen to music while studying or doing homework. It can be one of the simplest ways for you to avoid distractions, especially when you are sharing your space with other people.

However, when it comes to the question of which type of music is better, the answer is not quite straightforward. In simple terms, it all depends on an individual’s personality and music preferences. What might be beneficial for one person might be entirely detrimental for another.

So we decided to do some research and find out what music genres are preferred by the majority of students. We have chosen a few categories that are not so engaging that it is distracting while making sure they will serve the purpose.

Here is a list of six music genres that might help you increase your focus while studying.

  1. Ambient Music

There is a reason why this genre has this specific name – it is supposed to create the perfect ambiance for you to perform a respective task. We are all used to ambient music – whether it is to fall asleep, to read with the backdrop of rain, or simply enhance your surroundings with white noise.

Apparently, it works for studying, too. Not only will it help you avoid distractions, it can also help you block out any other external noise as well. More interestingly, today, you can even create a sound palette specific to your taste.

For instance, the website I Miss My Cafe allows you to set the sounds you want – such as that of the barista, mixing of drinks, other customers, machinery, rain, and even a background song. These will all blend together to give you the ultimate feeling of being in a cafe.

  1. Electronic Music

While EDM has the reputation of being an upbeat genre, research shows that it can be greatly beneficial for improving concentration. So if you are trying to finish that college assignment with essay writing services like EssayWritingService, an EDM background might put you in just the right mood. 

In fact, EDM can help elevate your mood, and many might find it encouraging without the diversion of lyrics. However, you might want to be careful while choosing the right type of electronic music. You do not want it to be too upbeat as it would be overpowering instead of relaxing. 

  1. Video Game Soundtracks

Yes, you heard that right. Many find that video game soundtracks are one of the best music genres that elevate your concentration. And this makes sense. The main purpose of video game music and sound effects is to provide the player with a completely immersive environment. It is to activate the attention and focus rather than to distract.

In the days of early game consoles, this genre was also limited to relatively simplistic – such as the likes of Mario or Tetris. These days, this category has evolved to become a perfect combination of ambiance, sound effects, and pleasant tunes. There is no arguing that game music composers have successfully managed to gather the attention of players.

If you are wondering where to find this music, the answer obviously is YouTube.

  1. Classical Music

At the other end of this spectrum is classical music. Before you brush it off as boring, remember that classical music is a broad term that encompasses hundreds of amazing compositions.

Moreover, playing classical music can be especially worth trying if you do not have an affinity towards it. This way, there will be very little chance for you to be distracted by it. On the other hand, your brain will simply absorb its harmonious qualities to divert your focus to study.

If you are unsure which type of classical music will fit your purpose the most, why not try out a few YouTube or Spotify playlists. There are plenty of curated playlists dedicated to studying. 

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  1. Instrumental Jazz

Jazz might not seem very befitting for a study session. If you love it, you might fall into the trap of getting caught up in it. On the other hand, if you can tolerate it, you might be surprised by how relaxing it can be. 

However, it will be best to settle for an instrumental version rather than vocals. You can find plenty of mellow songs from artists such as John Coltrane, Miles Davis, and others that can be perfect for serving as background music.

  1. Brain Waves

Otherwise known as binaural beats, this music genre is all about choosing the right frequencies. It combines two different tones – each plate into each of your ears at a time. There are many studies and claims that specific frequencies can help your brain relax or focus. 

As opposed to misconceptions, they are indeed safe to use, and they will not alter your brain in any way. If you like it, you might find it to be one of the best ways for you to focus. 

Avoid Listening to New Music

Of course, we have all decided to try a new song you wanted to listen to and get some work done while at it. However, you will only end up getting more interested in the song.

This is because your brain releases dopamine when it is listening to something new. Then, you will be clouding your focus with chemicals that make you happy. In other words, you will end up wanting to only listen to the song instead of studying. So better listen to some tunes that you are already used to.

Wrapping Up

The type and nature of music you choose can create specific responses in your brain. Upbeat tunes can motivate you, while gloomy melodies can give you melancholy. As we mentioned before, it all ultimately comes down to personal preferences.

The music you like will help you study better, and if you choose something you don’t like, it will impede your progress. We have given you plenty of choices here. Why not try out a few? You can even mix and match them based on the subjects and your mood.

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