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Movie-Themed Baby Shower and Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Baby showers and gender reveal parties are great ways to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a newborn. If you’re throwing such an event for yourself, a friend, or relative, there are a lot of elements to pulling it all off. The very foundation of the party, however, is the theme. The theme is what sets the tone of the day. It ties into everything from the decorations to food and even entertainment. Decorating should create a fun environment. There are Wholesale Balloons available that can help set the theme featuring balloons with themes like Hollywood, Music, the Circus and more.

Deciding on a theme can be challenging as there are so many to choose from. Narrowing down your options is best done by choosing a specific category and then sorting through ideas. In this case, you’ll read about movie ideas that can really bring your baby shower or gender reveal together.

Mickey and Minnie

If you’re throwing a gender reveal party, the idea is to choose a theme that gets your guests thinking about the gender of the baby. Couples often decide to go with a male and female theme combined to get their point across. Why not choose a Disney-themed baby shower and go with the classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse decor? The pink and blue mouse ears and magical Disney decor will take your guests’ breath away. You can set up a display with pink and blue balloons and have a gender reveal balloon pop to share the news at the end of your event.

A Star is Born

A fan of romantic dramas? Then why not have a baby shower themed after one of the most popular remakes of 2018? A Star is Born, starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga is the perfect movie to model your shower after. Every parent wishes nothing but a bright and successful future for their children, so it’s only fitting that you speak it into existence announcing that, “A Star is Born”! This theme works for an upscale Hollywood-glam baby shower.


Harry Potter

A dash of magic and fantasy makes for a whimsical baby shower and gender reveal party! Instead of the typical Hogwarts uniform, you and your partner can dress up as the founders for added flair. The mom-to-be can don a breathtaking medieval-style gown. Meanwhile, dad can dress up a knight in shining armor or a grand wizard. Tell your guests to come in their wizards’ and witches’ robes. 

Despicable Me

Are you a kid at heart? Going with a kids movie theme would be the perfect fit for your gender reveal or baby shower. Any parent knows that their kids have an angelic side and a side that can be a bit, well, evil. A minions party, therefore, seems most fitting. Yellow and blue (the main minion colors) are very gender-neutral and can be great for an upscale event or a backyard barbecue.

LOOK WHO’S TALKING TOO, Lorne Sussman, Georgia Keithley, Danny Pringle, 1990, (c)TriStar Pictures

Look Who’s Talking Too

If you’re a fan of retro movies, John Travolta and Kristie Alley, you’ll love this movie-themed gender reveal party idea! Look Who’s Talking Too was a popular movie from the 90s about life, love, and romance of parents through the eyes of the children. As the sequel featured both a boy and a girl, it’s the perfect theme for gender reveal parties.

Finding Nemo

Here’s another kids’ classic that works well for both a baby shower and a gender reveal party. Nemo, Dori, and all the other sea creatures are loved by all. The vibrant colors of the ocean, fish, and other sea life makes the perfect backdrop for a summer party. Fish Bowls with clear blue stones, candles, and mini fish figurines make great centerpieces. Are you having a little Nemo or Dori? Your guests will have a great time guessing especially if you use gender reveal confetti cannons to reveal the surprise. You can give your guests and under the sea experience, they won’t soon forget.

The Lion King

You’re bringing a little prince or princess into your kingdom? Why not celebrate the occasion like royalty? The Lion King has been a family favorite for decades and is the perfect movie theme for your shower or gender reveal. Mom and dad dressed as Mufasa and Sarabi making their grand entrance while the guests wear various masquerade masks shaped like animals from the jungle, it’s the perfect movie to mimic during such a joyous time.

Your baby is on the way and it’s only right to celebrate such an occasion. Whether you’re having a gender reveal party or a baby shower, you can make the experience one to remember. Though there are lots of elements to planning a successful event such as this, keep in mind that the theme is key. As everyone is a lover of movies, choosing a popular theme such as those listed above will really put things over the top.

It follows that your party essentials should have something to do with the movie theme you chose. Save time and energy and get every detail right by finding ready-made party essentials that fit your theme of choice. From the invitation cards and decorations to the thank-you cards and party favors, a wide variety of party supplies are readily available online.

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