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Bennet Schwartz Shares 7 Ways Creative Directors Lend Their Voices To Digital Marketing

Creative directors play an important role in digital marketing. Even if they don’t always work on every aspect of the process, they need to overlook various parts and offer ideas. Because of this, we think it’s important for you to see how Bennet Schwartz and other creative directors lend their voices to assist the digital marketing process.

Figuring Out the Brand Voice

When you run a business, you need to have a specific brand voice people will recognize. This means your business uses an overall tone and approach that others will associate with your business. For example, your business may want to make itself friendly while others may take a more serious approach for their digital marketing voices.

Creative directors can help your digital marketers stay on the right track when it comes to brand tone. If he or she notices an ad or post doesn’t match the overall brand, your creative director can make suggestions and changes. That way, your brand can consistently match with itself, ensuring your customers see that consistency in your digital marketing.

Work On the Feel for Ad Campaigns

While your digital marketing should improve its brand voice, it should also focus on the feel of ad campaigns. While ad campaigns have the ultimate goal of increasing sales and customers, you need to think about how your customers see the voice. That way, you can draw in the right people for your business based on what you sell and your target audience.

For example, if your creative director feels fun and approachable strategies would appeal to your audience, he or she will work the ad campaign around that. This will depend on your business’ brand voice, so your creative director can help the ad campaign align with it. This means you need to consider the input of your creative director.

Identifying Key Marketing Channels

Since there are tons of digital marketing channels your business can use, you may want to see which ones your creative director recommends. For example, you may emphasize your email campaigns, but your creative director may notice some potential in certain social media channels, so you should look into those options.

Creative directors will notice various advantages for your business through the channels available. By listening to his or her advice, you can help your business expand its digital presence. This, in turn, can help you spread your brand to more people, allowing you to gain more leads and customers.

Innovate the Digital Market

While creative directors will make suggestions to better align your business with trends, they will also look into innovations for the digital market. This includes suggesting ideas that will take advantage of new trends within the market. It can even involve changes that use something new that hasn’t seen results before.

Some businesses are hesitant to innovate if they feel the current ideas work well enough. However, you need to realize your business can only improve as it makes changes and takes risks. Trust your creative director, and see if his or her ideas can lead to potential sales and benefits for your business.

Recommending Post Ideas

On top of innovating and taking risks, your business also needs to come up with interesting posts that will draw attention. For example, if you just post an average picture with no context, some people will ignore it. However, if you find a way to make it interesting or add context through words, your post will gain more traction.

Your creative director can help you with this process by pointing out different posts or ideas you can try out. Let your creative director look into the current social media posts and make suggestions based on current trends. As you do this, your creative director can help you create posts that will gain more traction and attention.

Edit Through Customer Feedback

Keep in mind creative directors will look at many parts of digital marketing, so your business can make informed decisions. For example, you may notice your director pays close attention to customer feedback, allowing him or her to suggest changes based on the feedback collected.

Keep in mind your customers know what they want from your business, so your business could benefit from their input. As your creative director looks through this feedback, he or she may suggest ways you can apply it to the business. That way, you can make the business, ads and overall procedures more appealing to your customers.

Improving the Website

Keep in mind creative directors are there to help you make visual changes to attract more customers. For example, your creative director may notice some of the pictures or colors on the website don’t work well together, so they will suggest changes. The same goes for ads on the website and other changes that can attract more people.

Make sure you have your creative director look over the website and suggest changes. On top of that, your creative director can overlook the updating process to ensure everything matches each other and looks good. As you do this, you can help your website look its best by listening to the suggestions of your creative directors.

Final Thoughts

Creative directors will continue to play an important role in businesses, especially since they can identify ways to improve your business. As they make suggestions and watch over the creative parts of the business, they can make a difference. Make sure you look into these seven ideas Bennet Schwartz and other creative directors would approve of, so your creative directors can improve your business.

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