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Tips To Hiring A Commercial Architect

Are you planning to relocate to new office space? Or, is your company conceptualizing a space of private construction? Well, Google has made things very easy for anyone to access important information about architects. A simple Google search on commercial architects can give you details ranging from complaints to ratings from the Better Business Bureau. 

However, the process of hiring a commercial architect is not always blissful. With the complicated task ahead, you will need to work with someone who is keen, dedicated, and ready to guide you through the entire process of planning, designing, and construction. Remember, an architect can create your ideal vision or make everything an absolute nightmare. Do enough research and if possible, get to know the commercial architect before committing your upcoming project to him. It is also important to look into construction cost estimating firms before starting your project.

Here are a few tips for hiring a commercial architect. 

1. Define Your Project

Start by defining your needs and vision. The pre design phase is the most important as it can make or break the project. What do you want to achieve from this project? Is this a long-term investment or just a short-term flip? What are the project goals and objectives? What are the functions and the size of the required space? Where is the project site? Will your employees be required to physically move out of the office space they currently occupy? What is your project budget? And also, what is your construction budget? Do you intend to work with the same commercial architect throughout the entire project? 

Knowing what you need from concept to quote will move the process more smoothly and help you identify the perfect commercial architect from the beginning. 

2. Use Online Resources

Once you have defined your project, the next step is to utilize online resources. If you are in America, a great resource to utilize is the American Institute of Architects. On their webpage, you will find important information such as architect resources, community engagement, member directories, and advocacy among other resources. While conducting online research, make sure that you also go through the commercial architects’ online work portfolios and get contacts of people who have worked with them. People with inside information about a commercial architect can help you evaluate their performance. 

3. Ask Others in Your Industry

Don’t forget to ask your friends and other people in your industry for recommendations. Individuals who have worked with commercial architects in the past can share their experiences and give you tips on what to look out for. Usually, a commercial architect who is highly recommended and has a history of long-standing and repeat clients is a good choice. 

4. Ask Questions

Once you have a list of potentials, start asking questions. Ask all the hard-hitting questions especially on the challenges of the project and don’t be apologetic for having too many. It is always better to know everything regarding the project beforehand rather than later when it’s too late to start changing. If the first professional you find doesn’t meet your expectations, move on to the next one. 

5. Once You’ve Settled on A Potential Architect, Get to Know the Team, Clients, and Work 

Once you feel satisfied with what you’ve seen or heard about a commercial architect, take time to visit their offices if you can or have a virtual meeting and meet all the team members who will be part of the project. The project manager especially is very important to the entire project and you want to ensure that you can build a good rapport with him.

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