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Buffalo River Sweep happening on June 26 and July 3

Save the date for the Buffalo River Sweep, presented by Labatt Blue Light. Registration is here for cleanups happening on June 26 and July 3.
Help protect our waterways by cleaning up litter along the shorelines. You can do this through solo sweeps, following along with pollution prevention tips, and registering for one of our cleanups.

Waterkeeper Weekend
Waterkeeper Weekend was a hit! Are you ready to get out on the water? Registration for our kayak tours is coming soon. In the meantime…
Take a look at our web calendar to save tour dates
Brush up on some water safety
Plan a trip on the Buffalo Blueway – remember, you can Tri the Blueway by walking, biking or paddling
Take a look at guides our kayak tour leaders created

Water Quality UpdateBNW staff conducting water sampling this year to analyze local waterways for E. coli Bacteria. Bacteria are single-celled organisms that occur in a variety of forms and have a wide range of properties. Some cause disease while others decompose decaying organic material and serve as food for other organisms in the food chain. Escherichia coli (E. coli) is a species within the fecal coliform group that is specifically associated with the fecal waste of warm-blooded animals. E. coli is used as an indicator of fecal contamination.
Water samples collected by BNW staff are analyzed using Coliscan Easy Gel and results are compared to the EPA Beach Action Value of 235 E. coli cfu/100 mL. This value is a common value used for beach closure notifications. To count colonies of E. coli, staff count the dark blue and purple dots on these petri dishes (refer to photos). 

BNW will be sampling on dry weather days and during wet weather events to learn more about local waterways and how E. coli levels are impacted by weather. Several sampling locations are near Combined Sewer Outfalls which during wet weather often trigger overflows.

To stay up to date on waterway conditions in relation to E. coli bacteria, visit the Swim Guide.

Buffalo BlueviewJoin us this spring to learn more about the Buffalo Blueway. Attend our weekly Facebook and Instagram livestreams to learn more about the Buffalo Blueway! The Blueway is a public network of interconnected waterways and water trails along the Buffalo River. We’ll be exploring some of the sites along the river and talking about some of the amenities at each site so they’re easier to use! Follow us on social media @BuffaloBlueway so that you don’t miss it and be sure to tag us when you’re near the Buffalo River! Go to to plan your next outdoor Buffalo adventure! 
 UPCOMING EVENTSBuffalo BlueView, See schedule here
Black Birders Week, May 30 – June 5
Buffalo River Sweep, June 26 and July 3, Learn more here
Solo Sweeps, Anytime, Learn how here
Pollution Prevention Week, June 28 – July 2, Learn more here
Career in Science Webinar, Watch the replay here
Celebrate water season and make a gift to clean water!
ADDITIONAL RESOURCESUse a Proper VesselHow to Plant a Tree

BNW offices will remain closed until further notice. Our entire team is still working hard remotely to protect our water resources!716-852-7483 |
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