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The Best Promotional Giveaways for Businesses

Everyone loves freebies. All businesses, big or small, use branded promotional goodies in some form or another. There are many occasions where you can use customized promotional giveaways to give your brand some great visibility and mileage like client gifts, special events, recognition for employee achievements, launches and parties. 

While some promotional items are created specifically for certain events, there are other everyday promotional products that you can have made in advance and keep in stock for so you always have some company swag items to give out when needed. Here are some ideas for smart promotional giveaway products that can elevate your brand.  

Items That Will Be Seen By Others

Promotional products have the power to spread awareness for your brand to a larger audience than the person you give them to. Think of it this way, if your giveaway item is used and is seen by other people, the user becomes a kind of Brand Ambassador for your business. Smart giveaways are ones that will be used in high traffic places and will be seen by many different people. 

This additional visibility means a better return on investment for your promotional items. These products can also be given to your own employees to increase brand awareness and get more eyeballs. Some ideas for products that get more traction are travel coffee cups, custom tote bags, car visors, and sunshades, etc. 

While some promotional items are created specifically for certain events, there are many everyday promotional products that can be made in advance and kept in stock. You should always have some company swag on hand to give out for promotions. Use digital channels like top-rated social media sites, and the best free press release sites to help with your promotions.

Technology Related Giveaways

Tech gadgets are useful and a must-have for smart marketing. If you get good quality products which people find useful and valuable, they are more likely to use them more frequently. Because of their usefulness, and perceived value in the eyes of users, technological giveaways are some of the most loved promotional products. Because people find these items valuable, they are likely to use them more, and this increases brand exposure for your business. Some ideas for technology-related giveaways include headphones, USB drives, flash discs, e-readers etc.

Work From Home Promotional Giveaways

With the Coronavirus pandemic, more people are working from home. This means many of the usual events are also happening virtually. With this transition from the typical office settings to working remotely from home or other co-working spaces, marketers should consider promotional giveaways that can support this change. Promotional products that make remote working easier, are useful, and add value will always resonate well for people who are working remotely. You should also keep in mind that such giveaways will have to be mailed to each receiver so they need to be items that can be packed and shipped easily. 

Multiple Tier Promotional Item

Smart business owners and marketers create a variety of promotional items. By creating a number of different promotional products from different price points, you will have different value items that can be forwarded appropriately. You can have general low-budget giveaways that can be given out en masse, while more pricey, higher-value items can be reserved for high-value clients or prospects.  

So, consider usefulness, quality, and creativity as the key factors when ordering promotional giveaway items, and you’ll have an effective stock of must-have giveaway products that are best for your brand.

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