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Customs and Border Patrol seized 3,000 pounds of pot at Lewiston Bridge

 CBP officers assigned to the Lewiston Bridge selected a commercial shipment that was manifested as “paper” for additional examination. The truck and trailer were sent for a non-intrusive examination that revealed anomalies in the trailer. After the truck was escorted to the dock, a subsequent physical inspection of the shipment revealed vacuum-sealed packages contained within boxes loaded on pallets. CBP officers then performed a thorough inventory of the shipment that resulted in the seizure of 1,275 packages of marijuana. The contents of the vacuum-sealed packages field-tested positive for the properties of marijuana and has an estimated street value of $2.8 million dollars.

In addition, another shipment of approximately 1,663 lbs. of marijuana was discovered earlier in the week at the Peace Bridge in a similar commercial shipment also manifested as “paper”. This brings the total to over 3,000 lbs. of marijuana in a 24-hour period, with an estimated street value of more than $6 million dollars.

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