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How to dress for Success: Meetings and Interviews

Did you know that when someone meets you, they form about 300 impressions of you, in the very first few seconds? That should tell you how important it is to dress the part if you are looking to be successful in meetings and interviews. Here are a few general tips that will help you, throughout your career.

When to Dress to Impress

Let’s start with this topic, which is rarely mention in texts that talk about business fashion. Most articles, including this one, usually suggest that you should dress somewhat conservatively. Although this rule is generally true, there are still moments when you need to come out in style, or shall we say “dress to impress.” For example: If you go to an evening, where others wanting the same job you are applying for are attending, then you simply need to find a way to stand out.

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For a woman, luxury in good taste is always the first thing they should have in mind, when in such a situation. Wear the most expensive necklace you have or the one that will be recognized the most easily by those who have had a good career. Think of Bulgari’s circles or Van Cleef & Arpels flowers. On top of your impeccable dress, wear a chinchilla coat, which you should keep on you as you enter the premises. As for men, look for that unexpected color touch, on a visible accessory, that will make people look twice. Wear it with pride and detachment.

When to Dress for the Kill

To nail an interview or to close a contract, you need to dress sharply, without any elements from your clothes that stands out. It is your whole look which should be crisp, and catching the eye of your interlocutors. Dress in colours that everyone will like; black and white being the standard. It needs to look like you just bought the pieces you are wearing, or that they are straight out from the cleaners. It should show accessories that are not flashy and of good taste; elegance being the key word to remember here.

You don’t want anything in the way you dress to attract attention, because what you want is for people to listen to what you say. However, you want some of those first impressions we mentioned in the introduction, to be about the fact that you show good taste and that you present well. Otherwise, chances are already against you, before you even opened your mouth.

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