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Makeup Brushes versus Fingertips; How to Best Apply Makeup

Makeup brushes are a great tool to have in your makeup bag and while they certainly are useful, brushes aren’t always necessary. If you follow beauty influencers on social media, you might be tempted to buy one specific set of brushes or the other as they are forever being recommended and endorsed by these makeup artists. 

However one must keep in mind that these influencers are getting paid to promote said tools. Instead of buying a ton of makeup brushes, you just need a few basics and for many other products, you’re actually likely to get better results using your fingertips as they help give a more blended and smooth look. However, regardless of whether you use a brush or your fingertips, do not eschew your clear skin regime as makeup looks best on blemish-free healthy skin. 

Makeup brushes can help in the application of makeup, but there are cases where your fingers give the best results. But brush or fingertips, it really depends on which makeup product you are using and the kind of look you want to attain. 

Applying Primer

All makeup experts agree applying primer under your makeup is a necessary step if you want your makeup to last all day long. Primer is better applied with your fingertips and not with a brush. Primer is an essential part of skincare and you should really work it into the skin using clean fingers. Alternately you can apply primer using a spritz bottle to give you a light and even coverage. 

Applying Concealer

You can apply concealer a brush, your fingers, or even a beauty sponge. What tool you choose depends on where you’re applying it and the consistency of the product you are using it. For dark circles under your eyes or discoloration on your skin, you can use your fingers. 

A fluffy synthetic brush will allow you to apply concealer to areas where you don’t want product buildup or areas that are prone to creasing. For spots and blemishes, apply concealer precisely with a small brush on top of your foundation. Another cool technique is to dab liquid concealer on with your fingers and then use a damp beauty blender to blend it out. 

Applying Foundation

Because foundation creates the base for the rest of your makeup, you need to apply it evenly to create a smooth canvas. A kabuki brush is best to apply a powder foundation, whereas fingers work well with creams and liquids. Foundation brushes and makeup sponges also work but aren’t necessary for foundation. 

Applying Highlighter

A brush is best for the application of highlighters, regardless of whether they are in powder, liquid, or cream form. A fluffy brush is best as it evenly applies small amounts of product. 

Applying Bronzer

Bronzer and highlighter complement each other, so it is only natural that they have the same preferred application technique. A blunt bristle brush with a sharp edge will help you get a sharp contour and a brush with softer edge is good for subtle contours.

Applying Blush

You can use your fingers to apply almost all kinds of blush, but fingers work better for cream blushes as you can blend the product using their warmth, but powder blushes are better applied with brushes. 

One of the best things about makeup is that you can have fun with it, so experiment and try different methods of application to find a technique that works best for you. 

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