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Washington Football needs a new name

by Jake Pickering

The National Football League’s “Washington Football Team” needs a new name in time for the start of next year’s 2022 NFL season. 
    Team owner Daniel Snyder has decided to continue to use the placeholder name “Washington Football Team” for a second season, the upcoming 2021 NFL season.
    But surely our nation’s capital can do better than that.  Help D.C. out by picking their new name!
    Here are my ideas for new NFL team name options for Washington, D.C. to choose from:

*  Washington Wooden Teeth
*  Washington Concussions
*  Washington Swamp Things
*  Washington Lobbyists
*  Washington Revolutionaries
*  Washington Imperialists
*  Washington Feds
*  Washington Bureaucrats
*  Washington Skulls
*  Washington Head Injuries
*  Washington Hogs
*  Washington Compound Fractures


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