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NFT Art: What is NFT Art & How to Create It?

What is NFT?

An NFT, an acronym for a non-fungible token, is a digital asset representing art, music, game items, videos, and more. NFTs have been around since 2014 but have very recently seen a rise in popularity. One can sell an NFT in any currency, though the most popular type is cryptocurrency.

An example of popular NFT is an animated GIF of Nyan Cat, sold for over $500,000. Another instance when the Twitter CEO and Founder Jack Dorsey published his first tweet, which sold for $2.9 million.

NFT art buy also happens in the online gambling industry. The non-fungible tokens prevent cryptocurrency frauds since the origins can be traced back to the owner. The virtual gaming industry and casinos are increasingly making use of NFTs. In the game CryptoKitties, people are buying digital cats as NFTs. For more information on cryptocurrencies for online gaming in Finland, visit casino ilmaiskierroksia.

How to Create an NFT Art?

You can make NFT from any digital piece of art such as a painting, text, audio, or video. Anything that can be stored digitally. After choosing your digital files, you’ll need to get a digital wallet. There are several blockchains for this, the popular one being Ethereum. 

You’ll need some Ether (cryptocurrency) on your Ethereum wallet. There are several apps on iPhone or Android for this, such as “MetaMask”. Once you have downloaded it, you’ll create the NFT for some price. It’s advisable to have at least $100 worth of Ether for the minting process since the operational price changes daily.

How to Sell Crypto Art?

According to the expert Maunu Seppinen, once you have created your digital wallet, you’ll choose a marketplace to sell it. There are various buyers looking to enhance their NFT collections. Some of the famous marketplaces are Mintable, OpenSea, or Rarible.

Once you select your marketplace, you’ll create an account on its platform and link your digital wallet to it. You can then create your NFT. Give all the details you can about your artwork. To sell the item, you’ll have to click the ‘Sell’ option, where you can select the digital token you’ll accept. You can sell it at a fixed price or an auction and even get the royalties on your artwork on subsequent sales.

Some digital marketplaces do not require you to be an artist, as almost anyone can sell their NFT on them. The drawback to this is that these places are inundated with digital sundries that nobody would purchase.

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Buying NFTs buy an NFT for your collection, you’ll also need a digital wallet. Once you have that, you can go to one of the several digital marketplaces to browse artwork that interests you. You can offer bids on most items on auctions, while some are at a fixed price too. 

You’ll need to add money to your e-wallet before you buy any NFT. To buy cryptocurrencies, you can use several options: Robinhood, Coinbase, MetaMask, and more. Taking MetaMask as an example, you can download its app on iPhone or Android. It also has an extension for Chrome browser for your desktop PC.  


NFTs are becoming so popular in the digital art world that some people are paying millions of dollars to buy popular memes or anything that has gone viral. Understandably, for some people, it’s hard to comprehend why someone would want to buy, let alone spend millions, on something that’s not even there in the real world. Whatever may be the case, this industry is still catching up, and we‘re likely to hear more about NFTs for some time.  

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