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Six Reasons to Hire an Attorney for your Traffic Infraction

No one likes to be pulled over by the police, but tickets are a common occurrence. Running a yellow light after thinking you had the time, exceeding the speed limit when you are in a hurry, or having a tail light out can all be cause for law enforcement to issue a citation. Most people pay the fine and continue with life. However, if you have received several tickets or feel the citation was issued in error, contacting a traffic violation lawyer in VA is the best decision.

Examples of When to Fight a Ticket

  • Keeping up with traffic in a high-trafficked area
  • Parking ticket in an unmarked “no-parking” area
  • Safer to run the light, rather than stop suddenly
  • Speeding ticket in an unmarked area

You can contest these tickets, even if you are at fault. Traffic tickets will increase your insurance, affect your driving record, affect your ability to get specific jobs, and even lead to loss of driver’s license. In some cases, it is worth the effort to fight the ticket or at least not have it affect your record.

Reason 1 – They know how to void tickets

The second you get pulled over, your emotions will increase. Some experience anger that they are being stopped, while others battle anxiety. Either way, your first thought is rarely how to get out of paying the fine. Lawyers keep a level head during this time and know where to look for errors made by law enforcement. A high-quality attorney will generally offer free consultations. Therefore, it does not hurt to ask them to review your ticket to check for any technicalities that could cause the ticket to be dismissed.

Reason 2 – They can reduce your fines

If you learn there are no errors on your ticket, you will need to take responsibility for your mistakes. However, there are still ways to get out of paying the entire amount. Attorneys are skilled in negotiations and will work with the court and the law enforcement officers to lower the fines. If this is your first ticket, they can use your good driving record as a reason to have the amount reduced. They can also request other consequences, such as taking a defensive driving course or performing community service. Judges are more likely to listen to a lawyer’s suggestions than a civilian requesting reprieve from a ticket.

Reason 3 – They know your rights

Attorneys that specialize in traffic violations will know your rights better than you. They have spent years studying the laws and regulations and understand what judges are looking for in consequences. Hiring a lawyer will guarantee that someone will be on your side, fighting for your rights and using terminology conducive to the judicial system. In some situations, this can assist in having the ticket dismissed, while in many other cases can significantly reduce the fines. For many others, it at least can prevent it from being on your driving record after a short probation period.

Reason 4 – Can be cheaper than the fine

Many people are opposed to hiring a lawyer because they fear the cost of an attorney will be higher than the fine itself. However, thankfully for drivers, traffic violation lawyers have lower rates than other types of attorneys. The goal of this industry is to assist motorists in lowering costs, not to cause them undue stress with hidden rates. In addition, there is less time needed for legal assistance than criminal attorneys. Many firms can handle dozens of cases in one day, allowing them to keep costs minimal. Finally, if you compare paying a lawyer and paying a fine that will also increase your monthly insurance rates, you will find that it will be lower overall. If your attorney can have the ticket dismissed, you are not out any fines, your car insurance is not affected, and you will not lose your license. It is essential to keep the big picture in mind when looking at the financial impact.

Reason 5 – Having a legal team is intimidating

Prosecutors and law enforcement feel pretty confident going against a standard civilian. However, it is more intimidating when that person has a skilled legal team supporting them in court. It is easy to trip someone up if they do not know legal jargon or loopholes in the traffic law. In addition, it is more complicated to cover errors with an attorney who understands your city and state regulations. Therefore, it is common to see high fines and consequences for those who attempt to represent themselves in traffic court. When you call in a lawyer to stand beside you, you will not have to fear bully tactics, and you know your side will be supported. Finally, they also know how to handle any situation in court, including if the ticketing officer is not present.

Reason 6 – Increased confidence and appearance

It is common for courts to judge you based on your appearance. You want to have the best chance when you arrive for your hearing, and an attorney can assist. While dressing nicely and addressing the court appropriately is a large part, your confidence level plays a factor as well. The judge will look at you differently if you show you are invested in the case by hiring a lawyer, and you will be able to be more relaxed. Whether a judge believes you are entirely innocent or not, they will take how you represent yourself into account when deciding on fines or other penalties.

Instead of letting your emotions dictate actions that you cannot take back, contact an attorney to assist with your traffic violations. The benefits exceed the costs associated with hiring a lawyer, especially if they can have the ticket dismissed altogether. If nothing else, it is best to at least consult with a legal team to receive guidance on what your options are.

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