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University Support and Use of Time Perks Discussed in University of Phoenix Reviews

With its flexible programs and quality instruction, the University of Phoenix continues to gather positive reviews. More and more students are discovering how quickly they can earn a degree even while managing household or work responsibilities. These University of Phoenix reviews from Trustpilot highlight some of the benefits of this online learning platform, including its easy-to-use interface, the support of the counselors and other staff and the way it lets adult learners maximize their time.

Support a common theme in positive reviews

Positive reviewers often comment on the level of support they receive from the staff at University of Phoenix. Every student has a counselor that helps walk them through their degree completion journey. The counselor checks in regularly to see if they have any concerns or problems they need help with, and this helps ensure successful degree completion. Ann Hardy said, “My college experience as an adult was one of the best experiences I had. This institution set me up for success and by no means left my side when I needed help.”

Greg Davis had a similar experience. According to his review, counselors take a personal approach to ensuring students needs are met well, both academically and personally. He said, “The staff has been great. Continually checking in on me and my well-being through this pandemic. It’s been a pleasant surprise to me the consistency by all staffers referring to checking on me and getting an up-to-date status assessment.”

Natosha Harris said that the academic advisors “are very encouraging and motivating as you progress through the program. It has been a great experience.”

According to reviewers, the University of Phoenix takes the time to get to know students and learn about their goals for their education. They then provide guidance to maximize their use of time in their program of study. With this high level of support, students are more likely to succeed in their education and stick with it until they complete their degree or reach the educational goals they set for themselves.

Six-week course design a benefit

The University of Phoenix sets up its program so students take individual courses six weeks at a time. This works well for adult learners because they can focus their efforts on just one course, yet still achieve their degree completion in a timely manner. Tammy, one reviewer, said, “I enjoyed the faster-paced six-week courses.”

S. Israel found that the six-week course design prevented feelings of being overwhelmed. “Classes are scheduled every six weeks, which is sufficient to learn at an efficient pace without being overloaded. The faculty and staff want you to succeed, and I felt they made it easy to stay on track.”

The fact that the six-week program made the coursework seem less overwhelming was a theme of the reviews. Sameka Mallory said, “Classes every 6 weeks were good because I didn’t have to stress about the work load. Now I am 3 classes away from finishing my masters at UoPX.”

Online platform that’s easy to understand

University of Phoenix uses an online platform called Blackboard (Blackboard is a registered trademark of Blackboard Inc), and several reviewers indicated it was easy to understand and utilize. “Blackboard is nice and easy to use,” said Shayla Candelaria. “Attending UOPX has been the best decision I’ve made for my career!”

Joseph Fisher stated a similar thing, saying “Love UoPX. The Blackboard platform is very user friendly and the staff is helpful.” Jeffrey agreed, saying he “gained some insightful knowledge, the Blackboard platform was easy to navigate and the instructors were well with their feedback time.”

Good use of time for adult learners

Many adults who can benefit from additional training are afraid to commit the time to go back to school, but this is not a problem with University of Phoenix. Lawrence Gaceta said, “It only takes 30 minutes a day to read and answer the online questions. Really, 30 minutes!” A reviewer who went by just CG said, “I had a great experience. I loved that I could do my work on my own time as long as I met my deadlines.”

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix has both on-campus and online learning opportunities. These are designed specifically for the needs of adult learners, making the best use out of the time of these students by consolidating education into six-week courses. Students benefit from guidance counselors who walk with them through their education journeys, ensuring they get the most out of their learning and stay on track to meet their educational goals. Explore the options available through the University of Phoenix today to find your ideal degree or certificate program.

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