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UPDATED TIMES: Torn Space July 16-18 • 7:30 pm + 9:15 pm Performances: Two Shows, One Weekend


Dates: July 16-18, 2021 Time: 8:00pm Performance
Location: Check-in at 612 Fillmore Ave. Buffalo, NY 14212

Tickets: $15 Get Tickets

Intersection/Prototype features choreographed classic Mercedes Benzes and a Bengali cricket team in a signature Torn Space experience. Written by Dan Shanahan and Melissa Meola with light and sound design by Frank Napolski, the empty lot on Paderewski and Wilson St. behind Torn Space Theater  will become the stage for this original site-specific performance for one weekend, July 16-18. Don’t miss this singular co-production where mystery and spontaneity interrupt expectation.

Audiences are invited to bring chairs and blankets for show seating, and are asked to maintain social distancing and wear masks if not fully vaccinated.

Five Songs for Fillmore Avenue Rehearsal Photo credit- Carlie Todoro-Rickus

Five Songs for Fillmore Avenue

Dates: July 16-18, 2021 Time: 9:00pm Performance
Location: Light/Station, 608 Fillmore Ave. Buffalo, NY 14212

Tickets: $15 Get Tickets

Five Songs for Fillmore Avenue is the world-premiere of a new site-specific performance that combines theatre, cinema, and live music. Buffalo-based musician John Toohill (Night Slaves; Radiation Risks; Alpha Hopper) fronts his newly formed band NINES MECCA as the composer for this new project blending garage, noise, rock and roll, and psychedelia into 5 shots of absolutely blistering hardcore punk. Each sonic wall is punctuated by trancelike, experimental passages that accompany projection designer Brian Milbrand’s video collage work, accompanied by lighting design and installation by Buffalo’s Eclectric Oil and Light. Five Songs for Fillmore Avenue is conceptualized by Kenneth Collins, the Artistic Director of New York City’s Temporary Distortion (“The hallmark of this company is a tight integration of style and substance.” – The New York Times), as part of a Creative Arts Initiative residency at the University at Buffalo. This project will be available as a digital experience, a recorded album, and as a distanced, live outdoors performance in the courtyard of the Torn Space design studio.

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