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NEW MUSIC: Indie Pop singer-songwriter Gabrielle Macafee releases “APOCOLYPSE RODEO”

 Indie Pop singer-songwriter Gabrielle Macafee says she is thrilled to release her new single “Apocalypse Rodeo.”

“‘Apocalypse Rodeo’ is an introduction to myself,” said Macafee. “What began as a break-up song evolved into a pop song with an eye roll; a sardonic commentary on the paranoia and ruffled egos of the evangelical church. It’s about the shared experience of looking back on what was once familiar, and realizing it’s all wrong. Listen up! A little ‘Apocalypse Rodeo’ might be just what you need.”

Drawing influence from Björk to Lana Dep Rey; from Donna Summer to Bikini Kill, Macafee’s songs have a classic sound with her spice added. After abandoning her studies in classical voice, Macafee turned to writing pop music to carve out her place as an artist and writer. She spent a few years listening and writing.

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