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The 7 Best Musical Instruments for Young Children to Learn

Music can provide physical, cognitive, and emotional health benefits to kids. If your kid is showing interest in learning music, it is time to support their enthusiasm and introduce them to musical instruments. We all want the best for our kids. The ability to play any musical instrument is an excellent skill to have at a very young age. There are innumerable benefits of playing instruments. If your child plays instruments for family and friends, the praises they will raise their confidence and self-esteem. Play instrument is excellent for improving focus and concentration skills. So, here are 7 of the best musical instruments to learn for children.

1. Piano / Keyboard

The piano is one of the best musical instruments for children to improve brain development. Playing the piano improves your child’s logical reasoning and memory skills. So, kids can retain more information for a longer period. It offers advantages to players of all ages, says Tom, who provides take my online math class for me services. Piano lessons can improve communication skills, strengthen their ability to focus and concentrate, better school performance, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills. The piano can make your child’s arm and hand muscles stronger than those who are not playing any musical instruments.

2. The Drums

Parents may disagree with their kids on buying a drum set because of the noise factor. But do you know that playing drums for just a few minutes can relieve frustration, disappointment, and stress? It can boost your kid’s mood after hectic schooling. Drumming is powerful as it requires your child to coordinate all four limbs to work together all at the same time. This makes both sides of your brain work simultaneously and hence improves your child’s IQ level. Recent research indicates that drumming boosts the immune system, controls behavioral issues, and enhances our sense of empowerment.

3. The Saxophone

Saxophones are one of the most recognized Jazz instruments. Playing the Saxophone improves aural skills and the ability to distinguish between different sounds. This orchestral instrument will allow your kid to get involved in a wide variety of musical groups and events. This also allows you to meet lots of different people and help your kids make friends who share the same passion for music. Learning saxophone will help you overcome stress and anxiety, improve your mood and brain memory. Research shows that kids who learn music excel in math and problem-solving skills, abstract reasoning skills, and do better in academics.

4. Guitar

The guitar has a relaxing and soothing effect that is perfect for fighting stress. Studies show that playing the guitar improves the grey matter in the brain that improves memory power. Practicing the guitar regularly can enhance your concentration, boost your confidence, strengthen your arms, and relieve stress. By reading chords and patterns together, your child’s eyes and hands coordinate and work together. This coordination also makes your kid a better reader. You will soon hear your children call the guitar their happy place. Playing the guitar energizes your kids and gives your child immense body and mind benefits.

5. Flute

Learning to play the flute can be rewarding in many ways. Playing the flute needs good body coordination with your hand, eyes, and mouth. So, your child’s body coordination will improve with time. It is a windpipe instrument that is played by blowing air into the mouthpiece. This gives your lungs and diaphragms a respiratory workout and makes your core stronger. Learning the flute requires a lot of effort and dedication, says John, who works at EduWorldUSA and provides assignment writing services to students. So, learning this instrument helps your kids to develop self-confidence, discipline and gives them a sense of achievement.

6. Violin

Young children often become fascinated to learn to play the violin. You may be surprised to know that there are many benefits of playing the violin. Violin offers some physical, mental, and social benefits, that includes improved memory and attention span, sensory cognitive development, great social skills, and improved mental health. Other than these benefits, the violin also helps teens to reduce stress and levels of anxiety, gives a positive outlook towards life, physical improvement like breathing, posture, etc. Children also learn teamwork which is beneficial for their college life and throughout their work life. You can also give your child a deeper understanding of music if your child understands their instrument. You can check this out, if you want to try it or if you’re wondering how does a violin work?

7. Harp

There are many reasons parents should ask children to learn to play the harp. Playing an instrument is not just a way to show your music but also to bring joy to other people, including ourselves. It is more about experiencing enjoyment and joyfulness. Learning to play the harp from an early age can improve your memory, promotes brain plasticity, boost verbal fluency and other cognitive functions. Studies show that the heart rate decreases, oxygenation levels increase when the harp is played. Harp instrument promotes an atmosphere of happiness, warmth, and safety, says Robert, who provides pay someone to do my physics homework services to students.


Have you ever thought about why musician’s brains age slowly? Research shows that music reduces anxiety and stress and positively affects blood pressure and heart rate. Playing instruments helps us fight off viruses, and most of all, it improves hand-eye coordination. A piece of music may take hours for beginners to learn, and for an experienced player, it takes a few minutes because of their improved hand-eye coordination. According to a TED talk, learning to play an instrument helps you improve problem-solving skills and has other health benefits. Parents should make sure that if their child is interested in music, let them choose the musical instruments to learn.

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