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NEW MUSIC: Dutch-Turkish ALTIN GÜN release “KISASA KISAS” to donate to Earth Today

Amsterdam’s Altin Gün returns today with new music, announcing Âlem, their second full-length album of 2021. Âlem follows the Grammy-nominated band’s globally acclaimed album Yol, released just five months ago, and will be out this Friday, July 23 on Bandcamp only.

All revenue from Âlem sales will go directly to the environmental nonprofit Earth Today. Earth Today matches song purchases with square meters of protected land, provided by a global alliance of reputable nature protection organizations. Through this method, Earth Today aims to build a global initiative to protect 50% of the planet by 2050. 

“For us as a band it’s important to contribute to a more sustainable way of living,” says Altin Gün. “Travel by van or train, no plastic on or backstage, CO2 compensation in case of flying, and a vegetarian rider. However; we felt the urgency to do more. Recording a full-length album and donating all revenues to Earth Today to help them reach their goals is for us a way to contribute to a healthier planet.” Visit Altin Gün’s Bandcamp page this Friday to purchase the album.

Altin Gün has won worldwide acclaim for their reimaginings of traditional Turkish folk songs through the lens of pop and psych-rock. The song below is from the album “YOL”

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