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Benefits of introducing music to young children

Music moves us and makes us feel emotions we cannot describe. From the first time you heard a tune, there is something new that happened to you. It is for this reason that studies go to show just how important music is to everyone. Studies show that music is also very important to the development of the child. If you have been skeptical about introducing your child to music, worry no more. Here are some of the benefits of music for your child at a young age.

Helps with self-expression

One of the main reasons music is recommended for young children is that it helps them express themselves better. Just like adults find it hard to express themselves, children struggle with this at times. By introducing them to music, they can communicate their feeling better and even make a career out of it.  Musicians like Misti’ Rose started music when young and have kept up with it into their older years. They have mastered the art of self-expression and how to use that to earn a living.

It helps develop memory

Children learn new concepts every day, and as such, it is easy for them to forget the most important things. To help with this, there are songs created for young children that repeat new words or concepts that they can learn. By singing along to these songs, the children will remember the concepts they might have felt were hard to do. It is the main reason why children starting out school spend a lot of time singing nursery rhymes. 

It helps improve social skills  

 Most of the songs taught to children at a young age are meant to be for play, and therefore children can play with their mates. It helps them learn an important part of friendship like sharing and playing without hurting each other. It also helps the children know what games they like to play and which friends can play with them. Even the most socially awkward children come alive when they hear a song they like.  Nursery rhymes are used as ice breakers and make it easy for children to play together.

It boosts brain development

Music is like a different language than everyone else gets to speak. Studies have shown that listening to music from a young age helps develop the left side of the brain. Learning to play an instrument also helps the brain grow. Many doctors recommend singing lullabies to children from a young age and putting music for them instead of videos because of the various benefits it holds for children.

Music is part of our daily lives, and its benefits cannot be ignored. Introducing children to music is fundamental in their development and growth. As such, parents are encouraged to allow their children to listen to music. Having them learn an instrument at a young age is also a great thing as it can develop it into something more than just a pass time activity.  

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